Friday, April 30, 2004

Weekend Plans

  • Ashton Family: Sabbath afternoon is taken starting around 3:30, as Danny has to head to HVA to play in a brass quintet there, which should wrap up around 6:30.


Yesterday i missed practice, but i worked for about 20 min on wed. Did some playing of the transposed music and worked on the warm-up exercise. Amazingly, i was able to hit a high Bb before and after the 20 min... almost squeaked a B. also playing with a practice mute... hinders a bit of air flow and i can feel it in my sinuses. better than annoyed neighbors!

Also, i have been using the finale notepad for notation entry, very easy and quick. I did three yesterday while waiting for De De to pick me up. It does have some limitations, but since it is free, i cannot complain too much.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

May 15 & May 29

I am available on both days.....

May 29/June 26

May 29 I'm scheduled to play the organ for Triadelphia.

By the way, June 26 is the day that my brass-playing family (x6) is coming from out of town and playing at Triadelphia (perhaps, in part, the very lack of brass helpers that is being referenced). We've been hoping to combine with the Triadelphia brass for a couple of numbers, and my uncle should be sending some music along in a few days for that purpose.

brass weekend 15th and 29th

Hey, looks like i will not be here on the 15th... but the 29th looks good.
I'll keep you posted

Brass w/ Band May 29?

Jan Wall asks:

The Academy band is trying to put together a couple of pieces for Senior Graduation Sabbath at Spencerville. My brass helpers aren’t able to come that day. Would your group be available to play with us May 29 at the main worship service at Spencerville? Let me know ASAP as I will have to order music according to the instrumentation we will have.

Please reply to me here or by e-mail so I can tell her how many of us to expect.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I have already noticed improvement in my husband's trombone performance. Great job, David! Will I be as perceptive with your improvement? :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Flutes wanna play too!

'Cello and Chamber music

First, i must admit, I was a bit reluctant to "give up" the 'cello, as i was enjoying doing what i could, but i could see that Daniel was not really itching to go back to the audience... and i did have another instrument... Ultimately, it was a great experience, and it sounded much better with more parts. I really enjoyed it, perhaps as much as he did!!!

Second, and a complete change of subject, how about a chamber music weekend up here? at CUC or somewhere close? we are not without contacts there and certainly not without some talent in the area. Could even consist of some string and or brass clinics, perhaps some wind (recorder)???

just a thought.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Thanks for Sore Fingertips

Jamey gave me one of the best gifts I've received from anyone, ever, this weekend, quite by accident.

Vicki and I decided to attend the Sunday afternoon performance of The King & I at Spencerville Adventist Academy. Although we both have reservations about encouraging academy and elementary kids to focus so much time and energy on Broadway musicals, we decided to see one show in support of Jamey and De De, who were both in the "pit" orchestra. When I'm playing, it means a lot to me to see friends in the audience, and that's why we wanted to be there for the Maydens.

But that's not how things worked out. Before the show we chatted with the orchestra players and with pianist/conductor Jan Wall. Jan pointed out that she had several empty chairs and said she could use my help. The only spare instrument to be found was the string bass, so I jumped in to cover that part. After a number or two (as my right-hand fingertips were beginning to blister from pizz'ing) Lester Roach, the bassist, arrived and took over. I slid into the empty chair next to Jamey, waiting for a good break in the play so I could rejoin my family.

Well, I quickly found myself watching Jamey's music, and soon I was counting along and turning pages for him. After a few numbers it was time for him to switch from 'cello (which he was covering in the (complete) absence of the hired 'cellist) to horn, and he handed the 'cello and music to me. Um, what's a guy to do? Jamey let me continue playing his 'cello through the remainder of the play, and again during the second show.

It's very hard to describe the experience: I'm getting an adrenaline rush just trying. As far as I can remember, I'd previously performed only one number as a 'cellist: some number by Pachelbel. But I was able to figure out roughly where my fingers should go, and my violin/viola/bass experience helped me get the bow pressure about right, at least when I remembered to keep the bow off the bridge. For me that afternoon and evening provided several hours of "rush," equal to anything I've heard about skiing or surfing. That was, to me, perfect entertainment.

Jamey, I know that you were relishing your own opportunity to garner experience with your new instrument. You unselfishly gave that up, and it meant the world to me. My left-hand fingertips are sore today, from pressing 'cello strings, and it's the best feeling. Thank you!

A big thank you also to Vicki, William and Beth who put up with the drastically altered schedule and delayed supper so I could be at the second show. I love you!

Practice 4/27 at Triadelphia

In the absence of David Greene I do not expect to be meeting with Geri this Tuesday. Ergo, let's revert to having brass practice at Triadelphia for this week. Yes? No?

6:45 call time,
7:00 rehearsal.

To clarify: both David and Corey are missing tonight. However, we have May 15 band music to review, Wes and Jamey, so let's get together anyway.

Another CMW, May 14 - 16

Please post back here if you get in touch with these people. It looks like a fun weekend, although I'm not certain how well it will fit with our perception of Sabbath. Also, someone remind me if we have commitments here that day. Is that when the Greene Party is in town?

Ah, I see, that's when the SAA Band is playing at Triadelphia. Hmm. . . . taken together with traveling expense and hassle, that may tip the balance in favor of staying here. Still, . . . it looks like a heap of fun!

Take your mouthpiece!

If you're out of town, take your mouthpiece. Get it to your lips for 30 seconds or 10 minutes a day. Believe it or not, when you get back you'll feel less lost than if you do nothing for three days.

Find and buy a BERP to help you out. Try Woodwind and Brasswind or your local music centre.

More practice: dhg

5-10 minutes per day, every day. The treat on Sabbath was having my wife accompany me. I might become convinced there is, in some small way, improvement. Alas, I will be out of town Tuesday through Thursday evenings, and am choosing not to pack the trombone on the plane.

freeware music notation S/W


It is Finished

The king and I is finished, I had an enjoyable time yesterday. Daniel and Family came to the performance, and in true musician fashion, he joined right in! Sounded much better on cello than I did (I am both impressed and a bit jealous)
In light of this additional time with the instrument, I got much more “practice” in than I had first thought I would.
See you all on Tuesday.