Wednesday, July 06, 2005

TriBrass plans changing

As is becoming obvious, even to me, I won't be playing tuba for the next week or two. Jamey, if you have a sore throat, please don't blow too hard. David Greene will also be absent for the next few rehearsals, as he and his wife enjoy the sights of another country.

What I suggest is this: for the next five weeks (now through August 4) that Milton, Wes and Joel consider themselves to be self-organizing and find times and places when two or all three can get together to practice. If you want to bring in other music, go for it. When Jamey or David or I can manage to get together with you, great. It's important for someone to call Joel, since he and his family won't see this weblog posting.

I'm assuming that you/we won't have sufficient music to play the prelude and postlude on July 30. If you disagree, let me know. Otherwise I'll try to let the organist know that they must cover it.

So, let's plan to resume formal rehearsals August 8.

Please reply here with your opinions.

Thank you!