Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Recorders! Strings!

Triadelphia SDA Church invites all interested blockflute/recorder players to join in for two hymns just before the 11 o'clock service December 11. The hymns will be #122 and #124 in the Adventist Hymnal.

Triadelphia SDA Church invites all interested violin, viola, cello and string bass players to join in for two hymns just before the 11 o'clock service December 18. The hymns will be #125 and #132 in the Adventist Hymnal.

The church is at
12950 Brighton Dam Rd
Clarksville, MD 21029-1411

For more information, send an e-mail to

Monday, November 29, 2004

Practice on 11/29/04

With my apologies, I will not be able to attend practice this evening..

Friday, November 19, 2004

Hymns for November 20

This being the third Sabbath of the month, the brass are expected (as I understand it) to play with the hymns. I obtained this morning the list of hymns, and here they are:
  • 86 - How Great Thou Art
  • 616 - Soldiers of Christ Arise.
  • 615 - Rise Up, O Church of God
  • 377 - Go Forth, Go Forth With Christ
See you there!

Oops! My bad…

I have received further information about the December 4 concert I mentioned in this earlier posting. I have been made to understand that the ensemble I envisioned would not fit well into the organizer's plans for this event. Mea culpa. Please accept my apologies. I look forward to playing Corelli and much more with you at some future date. And enjoy a free evening.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Calling All String Players

If you're a Maryland-area string player and reading this, please either leave a comment on this posting or send me an e-mail.

We have two opportunities to do "a little something" together. Here's what we have:
  1. A family at our church owns a collection of violins. They would like to present a vespers recital in which many different violinists play solos and ensembles using the violins in this collection. I have access to pieces like Eine Kleine, the Pachelbel Canon, the Corelli Christmas Concerto, and the Brook Green Suite. Please let me know whether or not you would be willing to help with an event like this, playing a solo and/or being part of an ensemble. We need violas, cellos and basses for the ensemble numbers, too. If you're willing to play, when? The family was hoping for a Friday or Sabbath evening in November, but I realize that we will have difficulty pulling this off in two weeks. Could you do November? Or perhaps January or February?
  2. A concert is being planned for December 4, at Triadelphia SDA, at 7 in the evening. Would you like to throw together the Corelli Christmas Concerto for that event? Plans change: see this posting for a little more info.
Please let me know if you're interested. If it's out of the question, at least let me know that you read this posting.


Practice update

It's been a sparse week for me and brass practice, but I got in about an hour of tuba today, and a few minutes trombone. AND, I broke loose my trombone tuning slide, and greased it properly.

How about you?

My brass practice time I spent playing with the Canadian Brass Advanced Quintets book and CD. This makes for an intense work-out for my lip, as there are no significant breaks between pieces. I highly recommend this as a fall-back activity, for those days when you can't get yourself to drag out the music we're learning. Just three or four pieces with this CD, daily, would make a huge difference in your endurance and tone. Try it!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Rehearsal Monday


I received a call from one of my former Naval Postgraduate School classmates today, and he's going to be in D.C. tomorrow for some meetings. Since he's only in town for a short time, tomorrow evening is the only chance I have to go and hang out with him.

So, unfortunately I won't be able to make the 6:00 pm practice tomorrow night. Sorry. :(


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

One more time

Triadelphia Brass members: How many of you can meet at 6 Friday evening at the church? Please comment here ASAP so we can decide whether to hold a rehearsal or just wing it.

Brass Rehearsals

In rehearsal this Monday we agreed to the following rehearsal schedule between now and Christmas:
  • Monday evenings at six o'clock (6:00 PM) at Triadelphia SDA
In addition, we agreed to hold at least one extra rehearsal this week, at 6:00 tonight (Wednesday) at David's home. We'll need to bring music stands.

I'm delighted to have Corey back in our ranks, and in honor of his return I ordered a handful of pieces for six trombones. Please remember to look around for brass music that interests you.

See you tonight!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Brass: Call for Repertoire

I'd like some help with selecting music for our brass group. I typically order from, but other sources exist. Please spend a few minutes browsing through whatever sites you can find and send me a list of music you are interested in playing.


Monday, November 01, 2004

Brass Rehearsal Tonight & Personal Practice 11.01

Triadelphia Brass members, we have rehearsal tonight at 7:00 at the church. See you there!

Oh yeah, comment here if you squeeze in practice before or after rehearsal today, Monday, November 1.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Personal Practice 10.31

Comment here when you've practiced, or missed practicing, Sunday 10/31.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Brass Practice for October 31 - November 6

Hi guys,

Practice schedule discussion was incomplete for future weeks (among the difficulties prominent in my memory: Wes has meetings the second and third Mondays of each month) but for this week, with our upcoming performance for church, we agreed to meet Monday night with a good chance of also meeting Wednesday and/or later in the week.

I'm wondering, for future weeks, whether the meetings and our rehearsal could be dovetailed, with our practice session beginning an hour before the meeting, perhaps?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Personal Practice 10.29

Comment here when you've practiced, or missed practicing, Friday 10/29.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Personal Practice 10.28

Comment here when you've practiced, or missed practicing, Thursday 10/28.

Brass for church 11/6

OK folks, here's what I see us playing for church November 6. I'm putting this out here so you can discuss and consider it and offer your opinions and suggest alternate plans. Please do!
Call to Worship:Es ist genug - Bach
Offertory:Augsburg Hymn - Kugelmann
Special:Amazing Grace - Wagner
Postlude:Little Fugue - Bach

I'm assuming (could someone find out for sure?) that we won't be playing for Sabbath School.

Let me know what you think: are we up to this? Should we do less? more? other pieces?

I practiced

so i practiced for about 15 -20 minutes... went over the bach and then teh augsburg hymn. worked on some of the higher parts.

I am willing to have practice on monday nights, but extra might be nice...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

To Brass or Not To Brass

Recently there has been an overwhelming interest in whether or not I will be getting back in the saddle again. Believe me, I have been as interested as everyone else in what decision would finally rear its head.

Well, the decision is becoming obvious now that I have weighed many things and the practice day seems to be moving to a better night for me. Alright, YES, I will play with brass next Monday night. (I can't give you Wednesday as Christy and I are readying ourselves for the Southern trip.)

Of course, this is more than a little scary for me since I haven't touched a horn for several months now. Haven't even taken time to continue the polishing project. Sad.

One note of importance before we all start jumping around and whooping. Our department is gradually depleting in numbers due to people finding other employment now that we are shutting down. I fear that, if this continues, I will be albatrossed with a lot more work as we get ready for GC Session. The good side of this is that I will be able to log a great deal of overtime which will help me get my hours for retirement vesting. The bad side is that I can never tell when that is going to be.

So, for now, I am throwing my hat back in. I will let you know when, and if, that will change.

Commence jumping and whooping.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Personal Practice 10.25

OK, I did it. It wasn't long or pretty or strenuous (for me, that is: can't speak for the rest of the family) but I did have my lips on my trombone for a few minutes this evening. You practiced too? No? Leave a comment!

Rehearsals moving to Monday evening

Hello all,

This is the week in which David's class switches to Wednesday evening, such that our brass practice needs to switch to a different night. Sunday and Monday nights are options. What can we do for this week? Can we actually get ourselves together tonight?

update 9:30 PM
Given the overwhelming(ly silent) response, and our upcoming performance November 6, I think we'd best be planning to rehearse this Wednesday evening. See you then.

David, we play in two weeks. Um, is there any way you could, um . . . ?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Who wants to do a vespers?

Westminster church is now scheduling their musical Sabbath vespers series for 2005. (Geri's group has done this program in recent memory.) Are there any who would be interested in doing a vespers service? I think the brass does not currently have the stamina for a full program, but we can fix that between now and then or add other types of numbers if we're interested. What have we been wanting to do that's just waiting for such an opportunity?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Brass @ Triadelphia 11/6

Under the current recommendation, we'll be playing for church at Triadelphia on November 6. Please respond here ASAP if you have a schedule conflict.

Because this is Family Sabbath, we may not be needed to play for Sabbath School.


Friday, October 15, 2004

Gone Oct. 30

Contrary to my statements on Wednesday, I'm actually scheduled to play organ for Burnt Mills on the 30th. If it matters, I'm ALSO not at Triadelphia on the 23rd.

I shouldn't be confused, since I've got a copy of the music schedule. It might be helpful to keep our upcoming schedule in the "Dates" area of the blog, for a reality check. Really, though, I'm just confused in general lately. :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Music Retreat 2005

After spending the weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, I find myself wondering if we want to try an en masse retreat next spring/summer, some sort of pre-CMW. The "cottage" we stayed in has a great room easily large enough for a string quartet. I'm making inquiries about the house on that property, which could be large enough for several families to share.

What would such a vacation be like? I can imagine string ensembles, if we bring the right people, but we may not have access to a piano. I think we could read recorder or flute ensemble music pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure whether the property is sufficiently sound-proof to politely manage brass ensembles.

What are some things we would need? Repertoire is the show-stopper we face here or anywhere, specifically having a good match between players and parts. Nice chairs and music stands would help.

What extra-curricular activities would we want to plan? I have some info on cruises, including whale-watching. There's a state park nearby perfect for Laser/Sunfish sailing, and we watched people kite-boarding. (Looks awesome!) The boardwalk and beach are a very short walk away, and it was nice to have our bikes along.

Who and what instruments (beyond the current members of this weblog team) should we try hard to include? (e.g. I'd like to make sure Jeremy is there for recorder sessions, Ellen for violin/viola, Anastasia as an additional cello)

Brass Practice tonight…

…as usual at the church. I'm still trying to find out whether we can swap with the dulcimers for 10/30.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


How about playing along with the songs during this sabbaths church service?

I understand that the following are the selected hymns:

240 Fairest Lord Jesus
289 Savior is Waiting
169 Come You Faithful
214 We Have This Hope


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Computer need

Ok, so i know all of us have lots of old computer stuff lying around.

Don Crane has asked me to help in a small matter for a girl that is living with them. Aparently, she has been abandoned by her parents... her older sister is working for the Cranes and they both live there. She is a junior at the local high school, and they want to get her a computer. somthing taht will help her for a few years... i can help with os and software... any thoughts?

BTW, time is short.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Brass Practice Sept. 22

I will not be able to attend brass practice this week (Sept. 22), I just found out I have to go on a three day business trip starting this evening (Sept. 21) and will not be back until Friday evening (Sept. 24). My apologies to all...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Birthday Plans

We're rapidly approaching the end of my 37th year on earth, and the 3rd anniversary of our move to Maryland, which made it possible for us to get to know you or renew our acquaintance with you, as the case may be. I'd like to celebrate with an early-evening meal together with you. The questions are where and when. (Oder wo und wann, if I remember correctly.) (No gifts needed: just come share your company with us.)

For where, I suggest Romano's Macaroni Grill in Gaithersburg. Romano's menu offers six vegetarian entrées, according to our recent count, as well as a handful of vegetarian appetizers. If we're there early enough in the evening, perhaps 5:30 or 6:00, we should be able to quickly get a table in the quieter section of the restaurant.

Regarding when, I think we must decide on what works best for the most people. My b-day is the 24th of this month, but that's Friday (a busy night for restaurants) and Corey will not be experiencing perfect dental comfort. So I think we must choose an evening a few days later.

I know that Tuesday evening is tied up for at least four of us. I would be willing to see our brass rehearsal time exchanged for this event, if people would find Wednesday to work well for the most people. Or we could look at Monday or Thursday.

So, please reply here: let me know what evening after the 24th sounds like a good fit for your plans, and also let me know whether you could be in Gaithersburg as early as 5:30 on that evening. Please remind us, too, if your birthday falls in this time period, so we'll know we're celebrating for you as well. (Jamey? Others?)


Saturday, September 04, 2004

ALL BRASS AT 11: Details Below

(Sorry for the local news joke)

All brass players are invited to play with the hymns next Sabbath, September 11, at Triadelphia SDA. The hymns will be 1, 17, 25 and TBD.

Know a brass player? Spread the word!

PS. I think I should save De De the trouble of stating that we should soon have a woodwinds-welcome Sabbath.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

TriBrass Rehearsals Move to Wednesdays

This week we agreed to move our rehearsals to Wednesday evenings, same time, same place, to accomodate David Greene's class schedule. According to current plans, this will remain for 9 weeks, then switch to Mondays for 9 weeks.

To clarify: our next rehearsal (as of the time of posting this blog entry) is Wednesday evening, September 8. Brass players, family and friends, I'll see you there!

Personal Update

As you have heard by now, I'm seeking a new project within IBM, or another place of employment. Some of the entries in my weblog talk about my job hopes, opportunities and interviews. Both my weblog and my resumé are linked from my homepage.

I've recently added to my weblog a list of other weblogs that I follow, including Corey's Life, The Universe, & Everything. See the bottom of my weblog's left-hand sidebar. If/when you have a weblog or website, let me know: I'll be there, reading what you write.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sept 4, Sept 10, Sept 11

For September 4: Geri has asked that some string players, specifically including Beth and William, among others, provide offertory, and some players (including or not including these two) provide special music. I have a couple of numbers from the Sheila Nelson Quartet Club that could be used, or it might be better to play a hymn a couple times through.

This might also be a good time for Jamey, David and I to play a cello-cello-bass trio. We'll bring instruments to practice Tuesday evening. If anyone wants to call and invite others (Becky? Carla? Christina? others?) please do so. We've already talked with the Possingers about having Leo H. practice and play with us. Jamey fired off an e-mail to Enno, but a follow-up call may be in order.

For September 10: Don Crane asked us to play something at Elternhaus. I suggested filling the program with a very long song service, and that seemed acceptable. David, if you'd like, perhaps we could throw in Meditation or Adoration or some such.

For September 11: Ekkehardt mentioned that he's planning to have Ryan and trumpet on hand for special music, and asked if the lower brass would join in for the hymns.

Friday, August 27, 2004

A few additional bits of useful information

The food starts at 6pm. Well, perhaps a little later if no one is here yet. Anyway, the place is our humble abode. Of course, this abode will be ours for only two more short weeks. For those who may happen to read the post and decide to join this evening of frivolity, festivity, and feasting, you may mapquest us at the following address:

9210 Appleford Circle #423
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Once again, everyone is invited!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Practice tonight?

Are we having practice?

Monday, August 23, 2004


Hey everybody!

Come over to our house Saturday night for food, music, and maybe games. The menu is pizza. If you would like to bring a special topping, a favorite drink, or something totally unrelated, please do so. We shall have tons and tons of fun celebrating our last few weeks in Owings Mills. RSVP appreciated but certainly not required. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Practice Tuesday 8/17/2004

With apologies to all I will not be able to attend practice tonight.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Brass Sept. 25 - Triadelphia

[Posted on behalf of Geri]

September 25: Brass is playing with all the Hymns.

Strings Sept. 4 - Triadelphia

[Posted on behalf of Geri]

September 4: Offertory and Special Music with all the strings. They can just play the favorite Hymns that were played on August 14.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Practice Tomorrow

Hello all.

I will not be able to make it to practice tomorrow night (August 10). Sorry for the rather late notice. See you all next week!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Potluck this week

Hi everyone, just letting you know I am on for potluck this week. Come keep Danny company. :)

Real-Estate Dreams

Hello friends,

As a few of you heard last night, we bid on a townhouse near the Maydens' home. You can get a bit more info from these two posts in my weblog:

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

TriBrass Practice Tonight

Hello friends!

Wes, David and Jason: Let's plan to meet as usual: 6:45 call time at the Triadelphia SDA church. I have two new numbers for us to look at, too.

Corey, one of the new numbers is for bass (vocal) solo with brass and organ. It's by Schütz, and in Latin. The part looks difficult, but I'd like to hear you sing it if you're interested in the challenge. Stop by rehearsal this evening to look at it with us.

Monday, July 26, 2004

CMW: How to keep it going?

CMW: better than ever? I think each year is better than the last, and that's saying something huge.

Are we essentially relegated to one CMW each year? Are there things we can do locally to encourage, precipitate even, chamber music through-out the year?

What are we going to need to make it happen? We have the Trout piano quintet, we have some Haydn string quartets, and a few Mozart piano quartets. Are these enough to start bringing people together? Can anyone get serious about buying string and flute music? Can we find another strong violinist? Geri, which string instrument will you learn first?

Should we start planning a recital? If we do, will we feel awkward about playing together Sabbath afternoons?

Friday, July 23, 2004

Aug 8 Music

Hey All,

Jan Erntson has asked if we would sling guitars/fiddles/mandolins/basses for song service on August 8 and I said that I would ask if anyone would or could.  So, here I am asking. 

Are you available to help with song service on Aug. 8?

The theme will be the Olympic Spirit (with regard to our Christian Walk).

Please let me know if any of you are willing to rise to the call.

Sabbath Music

Hey, should we stay after potluck to play music??

Anyone interested?

Will send an email also,


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tonight & Other Topics of Interest

Yes, it is true. We are back from the West Coast, although our bodies are still adjusting to the time change. Granted it was only a few days, but still our bodies seem to adjust more quickly East to West than the other way round. (It also helped us that we stayed up for nearly 24 hours on Thursday while traveling over. We were good and tired by the time we crashed, so sleeping in that extra three hours was a necessity. Good plan.)

Anyhow, are we Brassing tonight?

I have heard rumors that some of us are away, so it would seem “no” would be the answer.

Admittedly, I can’t play for another week anyway, if I am correctly following doctor’s orders. I hate oral surgery! I haven’t been able to play, or even take the horn out for a couple of weeks now!!! Oi!

So, I guess unless otherwise noted we are off this week.

Let me be the first to say, I miss playing with you guys. And, as it turns out, I may miss playing with you even more as of September, 2005. (This is other news that was discovered while we were in Washington.)

Our Transportation staff was asked in by the Treasury Department last Thursday for lunch, and after the meal our department was subsequently let go as of September, 2005. So, after the next Session I will be consequently unemployed.

Normally this would be bad news, but not in this case.

When we landed in Washington, Christy was hit hard with the home sick blues. She asked me what we should do, and we both left it in the Lord’s hands. Shortly thereafter I received a call, from our Assistant Manager with the news about our department being cut. All of a sudden there was a world of possibilities.

We were already looking at taking off for Washington State that fall, but now it seems the Lord has opened wide that particular door and all we have to do is step through it. (This may be slightly more complicated than it sounds, but we’ll see. God has taken care of us so far, so we are trusting in Him to make the arrangements as smooth as possible.)

Christy and I will try to keep you all posted as things progress, but for now I will continue to polish the horn and practice as I can. Looking forward to the next session.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Fun for the day

Spelling Quiz: 10 questions.

Also, I saw this license plate this morning on a new Infiniti FX SUV:


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

William's Birthday: Thanks!

Thank you all for sharing your time with us last evening. William really enjoyed it, and so did we. :-)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

William's Birthday

William turns 12 this week, and he would like to see you folks. Seeing as we will be seeing quite a few of you at brass rehearsal on Tuesday, I was wondering if it would make sense to do a little something downstairs afterwards. No presents, just friends :-). I'll bring some sculptured watermelon that we can stick candels in (he doesn't really like cake). Perhaps we will have time to squeeze in a quick game of Uno, Catch Phrase, or something of that sort, he would really love that. I will bring several things along just in case. I would like to extend this to those of you who aren't brass memebers as well. Rehearsal (which is at Triadelphia SDA Church) is usually over by 8:00pm so that gives you an idea of what time it would be.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

A Sabbath Proposal (aka Chamber Music revisited)

Come one, come all; join at any time

  • Church at Triadelphia; highlights include specials by Daniel Ashton
  • Potluck picnic at the capitol; suggestions on location include the reflecting pool, Roosevelt memorial, Capitol building steps…
  • Afternoon visit to various Smithsonian areas.
  • Supper at the Ashtons (ask them how you might contribute)
  • Chamber music following supper, including the ever-popular Trout
Suggested lunch menu:
  • Strawberry shortcake - Greenes
  • Sandwiches - each bring enough to share
  • Chips - each bring enough to share
  • Fruit and other picnic-friendly items - welcome
  • Water - each to his own

Special guest: Sherilyn Johnson, my mother

[Daniel adds the following:]

Supper is likely to be Pakistani Curry. If, for any reason, this would discourage you from joining us, please speak up quickly! We would far rather enjoy your company.

Please bring your parts for the Hummel Septet, as I want to have them in hand before leaving for CMW. I believe that means flute and horn parts from the Maydens, and piano and viola parts from the Greenes.

Dooley is welcome.

Also, I really enjoyed the recorder trios, etc. that we played last time. I hope we get to do more music like that.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thanks To All Patient Well Wishers

What a wonderful group of well wishers came to welcome in another year of Christy's lifetime.

Thank you all so much and I hope that we can do this again soon. Well, the good bits. (I'll let you sort out for yourselves which bits those were.)

Christy was still beaming when we got home and then crashed pretty hard. Neither one of us was enthusiastic about rousing this morning, but life goes on. This is a good thing with friends like you around.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Chamber Music Sabbath Afternoon

Anyone interested? We can go through the Trout again, as well as Eine Kleine and whatever else we have on hand. Recorders too, if you want.

Also, please think of who else we can invite ahead of time.

Cheesecake Factory Update

Further updates –

I just got off of the phone with Kevin, the Manager of the Cheesecake Factory Baltimore, and he confirmed that they only take reservations for the first seating of the day. So, we are going to have a bit of a wait when we get there tonight.

I asked him how much of a wait to expect and he said around the hour of 7 pm a wait of 70-90 min is customary.

Nonetheless, Christy and I will be arriving around 6:30 or so and we will put in the reservation and we’ll see how long it takes.

If anybody can get there sooner, all the better.

From what I gather it will be 8 of us. Is this right?

See you later.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Christy's Cheesecake Challenge

Alrighty then, I guess comments have been long awaited. So, let me see if I can rectify some things here.

First, I called again just now regarding reservations for tomorrow night. I had been told when I first called that if we had a group of 7+ we could make reservations in advance. As of today's call, that appears to not be the case. Apparently, there are reservations taken from 11-11:30 am but after that it is a free for all. So, I am working on a plan "B" so that we don't have to stay there all night waiting on a table. Right now, this consists of Christy and me scuttling up there in advance and holding down the fort while others arrive in due course. This may be the safest option considering Christy has a flexible schedule and I work closest to the ultimate destination.

As for the location, the Cheesecake Factory at Baltimore's Inner Harbor is located on Pratt St. The address is:

201 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 234-3990

Valet parking is available directly in front of the restaurant. Parking meters, garages and metered lots are located within easy walking distance of The Cheesecake Factory. Look for signs along East Pratt Street.

As for directions . . .

Merge onto I-95 N toward BALTIMORE.

Merge onto I-395 N via exit number 53 toward DOWNTOWN. 1.5 miles

Take the CONWAY ST exit. 0.1 miles

Stay straight to go onto W CONWAY ST. 0.2 miles

Turn LEFT onto MD-2 N/LIGHT ST. 0.1 miles

Go STRAIGHT. 0.1 miles


The Cheesecake Factory is located right on the Inner Harbor and directly in line with Barnes & Noble. So if you are needing some excitement afterward, there are options available.

As for time, let us shoot for regular Brass Time, 7:00 pm and see how that goes.

All are welcome and we will be happy to see, and less likely to pay for, all of you.

Looking forward to it. Christy is getting used to this idea of celebrating in a big group, so go easy on her. She'll warm up to it, no doubt.


I have been given to understand that this Tuesday evening will witness a celebration of life's annuality on behalf of the young Mrs. Corey Cottrell. Therefore, I recommend that we forego our usual musical exertions in favor of camaraderie and the eating of cheesecake. Details, Mr. Cottrell, we need details!

Friday, June 18, 2004

pot luck tomorrow

Not sure about the rest of the church... but we should plan on potluck if we are going to stay and play. this week is campmeeting so many people will be away and potluck might be slim, although no one will starve.

see you all tonight,


Music Stands tonight at Elternhaus


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tuba Exchange

I had an interesting thing happened today regarding my Tuba that I need some toss around time on. Hope you guys can help me out.

Today I contacted Vince Simonetti of the Tuba Exchange to find out about replacement parts and a little history about my Tuba. As it turns out, my horn is a F. E. Olds & Son Tuba circa 1966-1967. The Fullerton, CA plant where my horn was made has now been closed and the company still exists, but under new management.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, Simonetti said that he was very interested in my horn and would give me a half price trade in on this ¾ size tuba.

What do you think?

Standing Order for Veggie-Meat

We are very seldom near the book store at a convenient shopping time, so it's not always easy for us to buy Worthington or La Loma products. Here's what I'm thinking: If you're at the book store, grab a couple extra cans of something for us, and we'll be happy to more than pay you back the next time we get together. Prime Steaks, Fri-Chik, Veja-Links, Chai Pow Yu or pretty much anything else. Thanks!

Chamber Music Sabbath Afternoon

Hello friends,

This looks like a good week for chamber music after potluck. Are you interested? Bring instruments and music, and lets see what happens!

For those who have Trout or Hummel Septet recordings, listen up! It really helps to know what the music sounds like.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Brass with Greene/Ronning/White families

Hey--I forgot to mention last night that we're planning on a rehearsal Friday night next week, time to be determined.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Washington Spanish Time

I promised Daniel that I would submit the time information here on the blog and then just after we spoke my whole world went into a spin. So, now it is just 3 +/- hours until we meet and I am posting this info. Better late than never I guess.

Xavier talked to me this morning about the best time to arrive. He says the earlier the better. Apparently, they have been holding an evangelistic series at their church and this is the last weekend of that series. Throughout the series the parking has been a serious issue. So, he recommended if we have bulky things to carry or would like to warm up, set up, and rehearse we need to be there by 8:30 am. He will be there with a few others finishing the set up.

This is a bigger deal than I thought. Xavier told me that this is not only recorded for the Church's use, but it will also be video/audio taped for broadcast satelite transmition to South America. So, suck it in and look sharp, we are going live on tape tomorrow! This is yet another reason to get there at 8:30 am for practice.

According to Xavier we are not the only music they will have, but it will be very clear in the program where we are to perform. We are still doing the Offertory and a Special for church and one Special for Sabbath School.

If I think of anything else I will tell you tonight. Right now I need to clean house.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Maryland ORG plates

Is anyone interested in getting MDMUSIC plates for their car? Or whatever we decide to call our organization?

I called and confirmed that the number of members to get a special organization License Tag, is 25. I think we might be able to swing this. I am getting a booklet sent to me with the info for it. Probably will not have it by Friday night, but if I do, I will bring it and we can discuss it if anyone is interested.


TriLowBrass Update

We had a good rehearsal last night with all five players. (Thanks, guys!) In preparation for playing this Sabbath, we agreed to have an extra rehearsal at 7:00 this Friday. See you then.

V., V., all is V.…

We're thinking about getting [ahem] personalized plates for our new van. I mean, since one of our strongest motivators in purchasing it was to be able to carry the tuba, the double bass and the children all at the same time, it seems appropriate to call it, maybe,

[I've thought for a long time that I should have MUSIC MAN as my plates, but maybe this represents a little less hubris.]

The problem, of course, is that MUSIC VAN has nine characters, and Maryland plates have room for only seven. What do to? Here are some of the possible permutations:
  • MSC VN
What do you think? Is any one of these obviously better than the others? Maybe something completely different? The application has room for four options, in order of preference.

Holla back now!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Washington Spanish Church Directions

Jamey called last night and requested that I get directions together for the Washington Spanish Church. So, here they are from various locations. If you need any more detail, or are coming from a different traffic vein, please let me know how I may further direct you and I will delve deeper this week.

Merge onto I-95 S toward WASHINGTON.
Merge onto CAPITAL BELTWAY/I-495 W via exit number 27 toward SILVER SPRING.
Merge onto MD-650 N/NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE via exit number 28A toward WHITE OAK.
End at 12604 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20904-3042 US

Merge onto MD-650 N/NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE.

Merge onto I-270 S toward WASHINGTON.
I-270 S becomes CAPITAL BELTWAY/I-495 E.
Merge onto US-29 N via exit number 30A toward COLUMBIA.
Merge onto MD-650 N/NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Practice update

10 minutes trumpet this evening.

Rehearsal Tonight…

…at the church, call time 6:45.

We're playing this Sabbath at the Spanish church south of the GC. See this post for details.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

May Not Rent

At this time I anticipate that no rental will be involved in carpooling to Southern this weekend, in a white 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, Touring Edition.

[We'll post pix later; right now we're exhausted after a long day at the dealership.]

3ABN Picture Post

Below you will find 3 selections from the pictures that were taken by Lucy Nueworth the Costume Lady (her own designation not mine) for the 3ABN show Kid's Time. (Thank you Daniel for posting them.)

Mark Feldbush and I were able to do 9 stories for them:

Miraculous Pots & Pans - Elisha and the Widow with the Jars
King Jehosaphat – Returning from victory in Battle as the Lord had the musicians lead the army
Ceiling Tiles – Jesus healing the paralized man
A Baker’s Role – 2 stories, feeding of the five and four thousand
Road to Emmaus – Story of Passion Week
The Rich Young Ruler – (Wouldn't explaining this story be redundant?)
Paleg's Pitas - Tower of Babel
Noah's Sons – (Again redundant, no?)

This top picture is Uncle Japheth (me) & Uncle Shem (Mark) waiting to tell the story of the Ark. In between us is Noah, a restless and outspoken child who was a great deal of fun working with :-) Yes, his name really was Noah and the producers had us add it in. One of many add ins I'm afraid. :-} Sorry, I should really keep on the sunny side. :-) :-) :-)

The bottom picture is us waiting for the "action" signal for Ceiling Tiles.

The middle picture is Mark waiting for me to change for the Ceiling Tiles sketch.

I'll keep you posted as to when air dates will be.

Thank you for all of the support as I went into this. We needed all of the strength we could get.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Corey Pix

Bounced E-Mail Update

As mentioned in this post, some people would receive a rejected e-mail after they posted to this weblog. As it turns out, one of my upstream providers was doing spam filtering, and decided to reject any e-mails from the following domains unless delivered by a machine actually in that domain.


Because the messages were being sent from instead of from your actual e-mail server, they were being rejected.

I've asked to have added to the whitelist, and it appears that this has solved the problem. If you get a bounced e-mail when you post here, please tell me.

Washington Spanish Church Info

Washington Spanish Church on June 12, 2004:

We are scheduled to perform for Sabbath School Special Music, Church Offertory, and Church Special Music.

The Church is located off of New Hampshire Avenue just North of the Rt. 29 intersection.

The address is:

Washington Spanish SDA Church
12604 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Send Off Party Thanks

It is good to see that there will be a good representation to support Stan & Gen as they start out. Stan says that he will be sending a schedule later on this week of events and such. I will let you know as things progress.

By the way, Stan was able to take off Monday of this week so that he could be there to help Gen out with the last minute organization. He told Christy and I when he phoned Monday before he left that he was so thankful to have had the Saturday night get together. Also, when I saw him Sunday, he was bragging to Mom and Dad about his new gadget watch. Thanks again to all those who helped make the gift and party arrangements. It was very much appreciated.

I will be writing more here in a bit regarding the Washington Spanish Church info. Please stay tuned. ;-)

Stan/Gen Wedding: What Hertz Would Cost

It looks like Hertz will charge us 29¢/mile, or about $320 more than quoted here, making a total of around $600 + gasoline. Divided amongst seven (?) people, it's about $85/person + gas. Is this worthwhile? Does anyone have a seven or eight passenger vehicle we could borrow for less?

Selected Vehicle:
Mini-Van, Auto Trans-Air Con
Ford Freestar or Similar
$84.99 USD Weekend day
Base Amount:
Weekend day: 3 at $84.99 USD
(MI = Miles KM = Kilometers)
Total Approx. Charges:$286.16
Additional Items (included in Approximate Total Charges)
Tax:11.50 %
Vehicle licensing fee:$1.68 USD

Optional Items (not included in quote)
Rates for Optional Items are exclusive of tax and other associated charges
Rates above are guaranteed in US DOLLARS

Rehearsal Tonight…

…at the church, call time 6:45. We're practicing to play at the Spanish church.

Corey, could you confirm what slots we'll need to fill? We also need directions.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Wedding travel

I'd like to carpool, if it works out. Return time has some wiggle room, though I should show up at work by Monday afternoon if possible.

Chamber Music Weekend

Please notice that the $15 discount goes away at the end of June 1. (Assuming that I'm awake and make the change. <wink>)

Also, Geri is going, and is looking for a ride. If you're driving down Tuesday July 13 or Wednesday July 14, please post here so we can get things worked out.

Travel to C'dale this weekend

We need to clarify plans for traveling to Collegedale for Stan and Gen's nuptials. Here's one way things could work out for the Ashton family:

  • Drive to Collegedale Friday night/Sabbath, leaving sometime late Friday afternoon or evening, trying to arrive before 6:00 PM.
  • Drive back Sunday night, leaving shortly after the wedding, trying to arrive before the workday begins.

We're pretty flexible with the scheduling. It's not inconceivable that I could take a vacation day Friday or Monday if needs be.

We've talked about renting a larger vehicle so that we can carpool with more people in either or both directions. David? Jamey? D2? Others?

Post responses here and tell what schedule or plan works best for you.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Consensus Result

Thank you all so much for getting back with a decision. I will tell Xavier that we will be available on the 12th of June. Sorry that it looks like David is out, but things may work out in the end anyway. Sometimes they do that. If not we'll miss him, but it wouldn't be the first time we've been one down.

Please keep the blog posted as things develop and we'll see you Sabbath.

Can't commit

AFAIK, I need to be at Triadelphia on the 12th, so I can't do the Spanish thing.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I'm in for the 12th

Count me in.

BTW, i fowarded an email from Jan Wall to all of you, escept Wes as he got his own, regarding spencerville this Sabbath if any of you are interested.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

June 12

I can play on June 12 if you all still need me.

June 12 Response?

So, what was the decision? Are we or aren't we available for the Washington Spanish Church on June 12?

Life is going to be very complicated for me soon what with travel and such like and I need to give Xavier Covarrubias an answer so that he may tell his people. Time grows short and expectations are long over due and out of control!!!! Ahhh! Run for the hills! But first, tell me whether or not you are available on June 12. Is that clear?

We're only 5 guys, we should be able to come to some sort of consensus on this. Shouldn't we?

Monday, May 24, 2004

Practice update

OK--time to check in. Jamie and I put in 20+ minutes this evening. Friday included 30-40 minutes of trombone practice; Thursday had 5. Before that, I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't much! I've been mostly playing recorder sonatas on the trombone, since the range works out OK, if a bit low. Keep on practicing, everyone! Corey, hope you're up to it soon. It'll be good to have you back.

MacDonald Family

Hey Guys,

I was Blogging around the other day and found this Blog for Bonnie MacDonald a teen and trumpet player of/for a family of truly amazing musicians and committed Christians, so it seems from their website.They are planning a trip sometime soon for the Grand Canyon and are looking for gigs on the way. What would the consensus be of asking them to come to our church?

Just checking.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Such An Amazing Sound!!!

What a difference to experience the pure essence of a growing and maturing ensemble! I can not believe what a difference I heard this Sabbath Morning! You guys were fantastic. What a blessing to hear those hymns and spirituals being played with such spirit filled voice. I was sorry to sit this one out, but not really because I was able to really sense how far we have all been able to come with a little bit of concentrated effort.

I was telling Daniel the other Sabbath that I was so disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to continue practicing after my tooth got extracted because the last time I played I graduated into a new mouth piece bore that had been sitting waiting patiently in my case until I could loosen my lip again. It was so painful to know that I was going to have to lay down the horn for a while to allow healing, but God knew that I needed to hear the four of you play to get my juices going again. It just was one more proof as to what our gift could be if we lay more at God's feet through practice and persistance.

Now onto other things, has anybody decided whether or not they would be available to play at the Washington Spanish Church on June 12? Please let me know ASAP. Otherwise we will be looking at a date passed July somewhere.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Misc Weblog Fundamentals

Bounced e-mails: Corey mentioned that he gets an e-mail bounce message whenever he posts something to the weblog. (This may be new since Blogger updated their software.) If you're getting bounce messages when you post, please forward a copy to me and forward another copy to Blogger support.

Picture in your profile: If you want to display a picture in your profile, that picture needs a home on the web. I'm happy to host your picture. E-mail the picture to me, and I'll send back the URL you need to add to your profile.

RSS: RSS feeds are available for this weblog. If your reader can understand Atom XML, use Otherwise use Someday I'll get around to modifying the template with the appropriate little XML buttons.

RSS Readers: You've got a ton of options. For Mac OS X, try NetNewsWire. For a web-based reader, try Bloglines. (That's what I'm using for now.)

Spanish Church Date Possible

Xavier Covarrubias just spoke to me again regarding the date the Washington Spanish Church would be interested in us coming. The date in question is June 12. Are we up to the task or are there too many irons in the fiery furnaces that engulf our lives?

Candy for the ears

I was thinking how fun it would be to have a candle light concert at our church in the fall or winter. I was thinking about focusing on a Baroque style, perhaps. We could announce it on WBJC! Or not. I don't know the rules regarding such activity in our church either. But I thought it would be a cool thing to do. An Episcopal church near us has frequent evening concerts. I think we should think about it at the very least. :)

Monday, May 17, 2004

TriLowBrass Rehearsal at the Church 5-18-04

Hi everyone,

Let's plan for rehearsal at Triadelphia SDA this week. Arrive at 6:45, set up, warm up, start practicing at 7:00. Corey is very probably not playing with us this coming Sabbath, so I'll bring my tuba. We can do most of the hymn arrangements with only four players.

And everyone lift up a brief prayer for Corey's swift recovery: it's no fun to have teeth pulled.

performance oportunity

Hello, we have an oportunity to play at the Elternhaus on the 18th of June. (hope I am not stepping on your toes Daniel!)

Any takers?


Friday, May 14, 2004

practice time

Hello, just a quick practice report.

Monday, had about 3 minutes before i had to quit...
tuesday, had a Dr's appt, ( missed brass practice) but got some mouthpiece time in.
Wed, did about 20 min in one of the Canadian Brass books.
Thursday, did about an hour with several different pieces and from a Canadian Brass book

Each day i try to get about 5 - 10 min with the mouthpiece on the way to work.

The warmups seem to really be extending my range very quickly, i had no idea it would work so quickly!!!

Keep practicing,

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I made it!

Yes, but with big help from Vicki and Danny! Thanks!
They look over my shoulder, therefore next time more.

CM Stage concept

Great plan, it reminds me of a house that was being built next to a house i was helping to build... there was a dance floor being installed in the basement, now home theaters are the norm, but this idea is quite akin to that idea. Even a large room without special audience seating could accommodate this concept.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Chamber Music Concept

This is an idea I've been mulling over for some time, and it came back to me this morning. It seems appropriate to discuss it in this time when people are talking about buying or building houses. The idea is incomplete, as if I'm seeing only some pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps you can see other pieces. What I see is this:
Prepare a small auditorium that comfortably stages about eight string players and a concert grand, a stage smaller than Ackerman. Prepare very informal seating arrangements, perhaps in a steep amphitheatre style. Offer weekly (or nightly?) non-concerts, events to which the public is invited, (advertisements?) but it's understood that the musicians are not strictly performing. They may stop and restart a movement, for example. The audience should be comfortable bringing books or laptops or other quiet occupations, and are free to enter and exit as needed, i.e. concert protocol need not apply. In some cases the players might start with a more difficult work, and finish with something more approachable, for which more players could sit in.
I have a strong visualization of how the hall should look. I think the concept ties strongly to the Octet reading at CMW Saturday night. I think some of the motivation is that so many people seem to appreciate the music we make, and we appreciate a live audience. As word of the event got out, more players could join.

Brass rehearsal @ Müller's this week

Arrive at 7:00, begin practicing at 7:15. We're responsible for providing special music (and possibly more) at Sabbath School and church in less than two weeks.

Washington Symphonic Brass Concert May 12, 16 & 23

See this page for details. This group is definitely worth hearing. But be aware that all three concerts are in churches, and some of the music is blatantly secular.

Valor Brass Quintet Concert Tonight

Monday, May 10, 8 PM
The Lyceum - Old Town Alexandria

Valor Brass - Mike Mergen, Chris Smith - trpts.; Hillary Hart, horn; Chris Clark, trombone; Chris Tiedeman, tuba

Brass Quintet recital: music by Bozza, Plog, Ewald, Debussy, plus some other goodies....

The Lyceum is located at 201 S. Washington (GW Parkway) St. in Alexandria, a couple of blocks south of King Street on the West side of the street.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Bad habit, additiction, good habit?

I guess it depends upon how the individual that used the word defines/views it, I am guessing that based upon your post that the implication was that this is a bad habit. I would say a habit is bad if it turns into an addiction, i.e., devoting or surrendering oneself to something habitually or obsessively to the exclusion of others or all else (this is the way I would view it). I will say creating a "good habit" can be very helpful -- in my case, it was starting an exercise program (running) that I started 6 years ago and subsequently lost 20 pounds and got in shape (decreased my cholesterol level, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.). Getting up the fortitude to go out and run at least three times a week was very difficult at first, however, after forcing myself to do this for several months, I suddenly realized that it had become a "habit" and now I don't feel right if I go two or more days without running. Is this a "bad habit” or addiction? I think not, since this benefits me in a good way and I would not do this to the exclusion or detriment of others. The question I ask myself "is what I do a detriment to God, others, or myself"? If the answer were yes to any one of these, I would need to seriously consider what I am doing.

Friday, May 07, 2004

A What!?!

In recent conversation someone (not one of our team) referred to my musical interests as a habit to be supported, i.e. an addiction as to drugs. The point being made was that Vicki deserves applause, kudos, mad props, etc. for putting up with all that I'm involved in. And that point was spot-on.

But I've been trying to shake the analogy, and it hasn't been easy. Is music an addiction for me? Do I selfishly pursue it? If so, should I go into rehab? Quit cold turkey?

These are certainly different terms than I normally use to describe the activities that keep me busy and happy.

I write in the first person, but I suppose these questions could be asked by any of us. Are we developing and using God's gifts according to His will? Can we exploit this gift of music more effectively? When does it become selfish? or a habit? or an addiction?

Chamber Music Sabbath Afternoon

Sounds like it's coming together. I'd like to hear from the Greenes, esp. re: Mrs. Greene's friends. But I think we'll have the parts covered even without the extra cello and bass, as long as oboe-stephanie is on hand.

Recorders would be a lot of fun, but we'll need to be sure that Geri is present and brings a wad of music with her. Anyone with a telephone want to work on this?

CMWs: I'm not ready to make these happen yet. These events take a huge effort, and with my networking track record, I'm in doubt about getting enough good players together here to make it work. And I'm not crazy about the facilities at CUC. I need to hear more from this community: more ideas, more people, etc.

Soldering: I think it should be do-able. The trick would be to fill the lead pipe with something to keep the solder from collecting inside: perhaps cork, or tape, or something else. It might be valuable to visit a repair shop and ask how they do it. Be sure to ask about the solder/lacquer interaction. I'm wondering how a hole like that is formed anyway.

Networking: Keep your heart open to opportunities to recruit players into our ensembles. We don't need to drag in unwilling parties, or coerce anyone, but when you find someone like Wes (kudos, Wes) who will show up on a regular basis and put some effort and outside practice into it, listen for the Spirit's guidance.

A+ Tuba

Hey, if it floats your boat, go for it! As far as getting your hands on one, Zephyr Brass in Atlanta has/had a used one they may be/have been willing to sell for around $2K, and when I was in Atlanta it was in good condition. Recommended. The new model I had my heart set on is the Miraphone 181 Series F Tuba 1816VGB - 6 Valves, Gold Brass.

F Tuba?

for some strange reason, i am feeling the need to play a small Tuba!?????


BTW planning to bring my bass to church for dulcimer play..., as well as the horn and cello (celli) for afternoon play. How about recorders?

De De is calling oboe-stephanie to invite her.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Tubists, Rejoice!

International Tuba Day

Solder Solution

Jamey, I really appreciate the offer to fix my pipe. That is so kind! I can't do it tonight because Christy and I have a few errands to run. I do wonder about what the solder is going to do when affixing to the lacquer and whether or not it will drip inside the hole or widen the hole. This is not to call into question your soldering abilities, I am simply raising possible difficulties that we should think about before attempting surgery on this horn. Tape may be unsightly, but it doesn't have permanent effects on the horn's performance. Just thinking out loud.

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this before we put the Tuba under the iron?

On other fronts, I second Jamey's cheers regarding the calendar!

Cool calendar


Great to hear that Corey had a mini practice with a visitor! how cool!

If you want, i can try to help you solder up any holes and try to make the scrap metal less scrappy I have a small solder iron here and a large solder machine in Hagerstown. I am free tonight!

Daniel, keep us posted in and CMW weekends that would be here locally.
I am really excited about that prospect.

RE music this Sabbath, i will let De De know to invite Steph with the oboe.


Call & Response

Hey Daniel, thank you for the response to my musing epistle.

• sounds like your trip was a success. Congrats!

Thank you. Mark and I had a good time and from what we saw after the shoot in the director’s booth it looked good. We had certain creative differences with the producers, but the Lord has a wonderful way of taking the best from everything and working for the greater good. I have great faith that He will take our small offerings and reap great things.

• Be sure to let us know when you get air-dates for your work.

I will keep everyone posted. Just don’t expect to hear anything until the fall (August or September).

• Do you anticipate more work like this in the future?

Funny you should ask. Someone was just here who wanted me to do some of these stories for the Beltsville SDA Church Destination Sabbath School (Specifically the feeding of the 5K, which I didn’t even tell him I had just written for this shoot). It is amazing how God works!

• How has it been practicing at the warehouse?

It is working out very well. In fact, last night the South-Eastern CA Conference driver Eric Reid was here and he happened to see my cases in the Locker Room. So, he comes into my office and asks who the owner of the Baritone case was. I told him it was mine and that I also owned the piece of scrap metal disguised in the very attractive gig bag. He was so excited to find another low brass player. “I majored in Euphonium Performance in College!” he exclaimed. So, of course, we spent the next hour and a half playing various Tuba Christmas tunes together. He tried out the scrap metal and I blew Baritone. It was wild. Eric was also able to locate a leak in the lead pipe on my tuba that we “fixed” with some electrical tape, and it made a world of difference. All of a sudden the horn was getting solid pedals and the intonation was much more pure. Amazing. I was so glad for committing to practice time. It was truly a miracle in music.

• We'll need to choose dates to offer to the Spanish church. Suggestions, anyone?

Any time after July is good for me.

• July 17 is in the middle of CMW in Collegedale, but we may be willing to try Linthicum on a different weekend.

I am sort of tied into this date. This date was set a few months back and to now say, “Can we move it so that it is more accommodating” might seem strange. But, the Church is always looking for music so I can mention to their music coordinator, Mary Brown, that we are interested in scheduling a weekend with them and she would be delighted.

• I've sent an invitation to both of Paul's addresses.

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Piano Quintet & Septet this Sabbath

Here are the parts to cover. Can we all get together this Sabbath afternoon? Yes, D2, please call Stephane. Jamie, can your friends join us then? (How was your final exam?)

What time? Where? I'm thinking two o'clock-ish in the sanctuary at Triadelphia SDA. What do you think?


Hey Corey, it sounds like your trip was a success. Congrats! Be sure to let us know when you get air-dates for your work. Do you anticipate more work like this in the future?

How has it been practicing at the warehouse?

We'll need to choose dates to offer to the Spanish church. Suggestions, anyone?

July 17 is in the middle of CMW in Collegedale, but we may be willing to try Linthicum on a different weekend.

I've sent an invitation to both of Paul's addresses.

SAA Band Helpers

I've reported to Jan Wall that we'll be helping her band as follows:

May 15    May 29
  • David—trombone
  • Wes—euphonium
  • Daniel—tuba
  • Jamey—french horn
  • Wes—euphonium
  • Corey—tuba
  • Daniel—maybe

Let me know if plans change.

More CMW's

Jamey suggested in this post that we should have another CMW here in the Maryland area, and it's not the first time I've heard the suggestion. I've also heard suggestions for brass weekends, woodwind weekends, and voice weekends.

How can we gauge the level of enthusiasm for these ideas? When will we know it's reached critical mass? I think there's a lot of merit to each idea. Jeremy is aware of the concept, and supportive.

freeware music typesetting S/W

Group practice

I think that our individual practice efforts are paying off. I am really encouraged!

Lets keep it up!


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Brass Practice tonight @ Müller's

As David and I are both practicing at Geri's home this evening, let's plan to meet there with all brass players. Arrive at 7:00, begin practicing at 7:15.

We have opportunity to play 2 - 5 numbers on May 22 at Triadelphia, so we need to figure out what we're doing. We can also run through the SAA band music for May 15.

A moment from D2

I'm with Jamie. 'Tis the season for finals and papers! But Friday night and/or Sabbath works for me.
Jamie, good luck on your final on Wednesday!

I have "Stephane with the Oboe" 's number if we're going to try the Hummel and want an additional player. No pressure, just a thought.

De De

Monday, May 03, 2004


Saturday afternoon is about the only time I can make it...At least for this week!!!

trout music

Wed or Friday could work for me. where and when, may decide. I am in McLean this week, so days start earlier...

i will check with De De for the septet, i think she is pretty busy with school, but friday may work.


Calling all Trout

This sounds great! Two more low strings. OK, I'm open tonight (Monday), Wednesday or even Friday night. Or we could try for Sabbath afternoon. (I think.) With two more players we could even take a whack at the Hummel Septet. We need the Greenes, the Maydens, the Ashtons and Jamie's friends. And anyone else who's interested. (I'll post instrumentation below.) Which evening or afternoon works for you?

Trout Piano Quintet  Hummel Piano Septet
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • 'Cello
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • French Horn
  • Viola
  • 'Cello
  • Bass
  • Piano

Safe Return & New Possibilities

Remarkably, I am back from my eventful and otherwise LONG trip. When I got back Friday we figured up that I had been on the road from TUE – FRI between 6.5 & 7 hours each day. (*Big Sigh*). I am so glad that everything with that trip is finally done. Mark Feldbush and I had a great time and were able to shoot 9 Bible stories for 3ABN’s show Kid’s Time. They should be airing sometime around August. They said that they will send us the dates for sure when the shows are in the can.

I didn’t take either of my mouthpieces along, but I am keeping my commitment and have brought my Tuba to work in order to practice for a half hour tonight before I head home. (I too am thinking of my neighbors. Less concerned about my coworkers. We make enough noise during the course of our normal day, so what's a bit of brass noise at the end of the day?)

In other news, I was approached today by Xavier Covarrubias of the Washington Spanish SDA Church (off of New Hampshire Ave. just north of 29) who would like us to come sometime and do music for SS & Church. The date he gave me was May 29, but I checked the blog and told him that Spencerville had already asked us for that day. (Should be fine for me BTW.) So, he will wait for us to give him other possible dates.

Another date for consideration is July 17. I have been asked to provide music at the Linthicum SDA Church (just off of W. Nursery Road on Andover Rd.) and it would be great if we could do the SS & Church thing there. They also have a Family Praise Song Service which is basically a regular Song Service but geared to include both kids and parents. So, I usually bring my guitar and banjo and pick good old hymns and tunes. It would be great to have some other help on that Sabbath too. Please….

One more thing, could we send an invitation to Paul Schilling for this Blog? I think he might enjoy it, and he might try to come down more often if he started feeling like an extension of our Triadelphia Brass. Wouldn’t he be such a great asset to have now and again?

Looking forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow. BTW where will rehearsal be this week?

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Speaking of fish, when are we going to practice the Trout again? I have two friends who would like to double up on the bass and the cello parts and play to have fun.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Weekend Plans

  • Ashton Family: Sabbath afternoon is taken starting around 3:30, as Danny has to head to HVA to play in a brass quintet there, which should wrap up around 6:30.


Yesterday i missed practice, but i worked for about 20 min on wed. Did some playing of the transposed music and worked on the warm-up exercise. Amazingly, i was able to hit a high Bb before and after the 20 min... almost squeaked a B. also playing with a practice mute... hinders a bit of air flow and i can feel it in my sinuses. better than annoyed neighbors!

Also, i have been using the finale notepad for notation entry, very easy and quick. I did three yesterday while waiting for De De to pick me up. It does have some limitations, but since it is free, i cannot complain too much.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

May 15 & May 29

I am available on both days.....

May 29/June 26

May 29 I'm scheduled to play the organ for Triadelphia.

By the way, June 26 is the day that my brass-playing family (x6) is coming from out of town and playing at Triadelphia (perhaps, in part, the very lack of brass helpers that is being referenced). We've been hoping to combine with the Triadelphia brass for a couple of numbers, and my uncle should be sending some music along in a few days for that purpose.

brass weekend 15th and 29th

Hey, looks like i will not be here on the 15th... but the 29th looks good.
I'll keep you posted

Brass w/ Band May 29?

Jan Wall asks:

The Academy band is trying to put together a couple of pieces for Senior Graduation Sabbath at Spencerville. My brass helpers aren’t able to come that day. Would your group be available to play with us May 29 at the main worship service at Spencerville? Let me know ASAP as I will have to order music according to the instrumentation we will have.

Please reply to me here or by e-mail so I can tell her how many of us to expect.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I have already noticed improvement in my husband's trombone performance. Great job, David! Will I be as perceptive with your improvement? :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Flutes wanna play too!

'Cello and Chamber music

First, i must admit, I was a bit reluctant to "give up" the 'cello, as i was enjoying doing what i could, but i could see that Daniel was not really itching to go back to the audience... and i did have another instrument... Ultimately, it was a great experience, and it sounded much better with more parts. I really enjoyed it, perhaps as much as he did!!!

Second, and a complete change of subject, how about a chamber music weekend up here? at CUC or somewhere close? we are not without contacts there and certainly not without some talent in the area. Could even consist of some string and or brass clinics, perhaps some wind (recorder)???

just a thought.


Monday, April 26, 2004

Thanks for Sore Fingertips

Jamey gave me one of the best gifts I've received from anyone, ever, this weekend, quite by accident.

Vicki and I decided to attend the Sunday afternoon performance of The King & I at Spencerville Adventist Academy. Although we both have reservations about encouraging academy and elementary kids to focus so much time and energy on Broadway musicals, we decided to see one show in support of Jamey and De De, who were both in the "pit" orchestra. When I'm playing, it means a lot to me to see friends in the audience, and that's why we wanted to be there for the Maydens.

But that's not how things worked out. Before the show we chatted with the orchestra players and with pianist/conductor Jan Wall. Jan pointed out that she had several empty chairs and said she could use my help. The only spare instrument to be found was the string bass, so I jumped in to cover that part. After a number or two (as my right-hand fingertips were beginning to blister from pizz'ing) Lester Roach, the bassist, arrived and took over. I slid into the empty chair next to Jamey, waiting for a good break in the play so I could rejoin my family.

Well, I quickly found myself watching Jamey's music, and soon I was counting along and turning pages for him. After a few numbers it was time for him to switch from 'cello (which he was covering in the (complete) absence of the hired 'cellist) to horn, and he handed the 'cello and music to me. Um, what's a guy to do? Jamey let me continue playing his 'cello through the remainder of the play, and again during the second show.

It's very hard to describe the experience: I'm getting an adrenaline rush just trying. As far as I can remember, I'd previously performed only one number as a 'cellist: some number by Pachelbel. But I was able to figure out roughly where my fingers should go, and my violin/viola/bass experience helped me get the bow pressure about right, at least when I remembered to keep the bow off the bridge. For me that afternoon and evening provided several hours of "rush," equal to anything I've heard about skiing or surfing. That was, to me, perfect entertainment.

Jamey, I know that you were relishing your own opportunity to garner experience with your new instrument. You unselfishly gave that up, and it meant the world to me. My left-hand fingertips are sore today, from pressing 'cello strings, and it's the best feeling. Thank you!

A big thank you also to Vicki, William and Beth who put up with the drastically altered schedule and delayed supper so I could be at the second show. I love you!

Practice 4/27 at Triadelphia

In the absence of David Greene I do not expect to be meeting with Geri this Tuesday. Ergo, let's revert to having brass practice at Triadelphia for this week. Yes? No?

6:45 call time,
7:00 rehearsal.

To clarify: both David and Corey are missing tonight. However, we have May 15 band music to review, Wes and Jamey, so let's get together anyway.

Another CMW, May 14 - 16

Please post back here if you get in touch with these people. It looks like a fun weekend, although I'm not certain how well it will fit with our perception of Sabbath. Also, someone remind me if we have commitments here that day. Is that when the Greene Party is in town?

Ah, I see, that's when the SAA Band is playing at Triadelphia. Hmm. . . . taken together with traveling expense and hassle, that may tip the balance in favor of staying here. Still, . . . it looks like a heap of fun!

Take your mouthpiece!

If you're out of town, take your mouthpiece. Get it to your lips for 30 seconds or 10 minutes a day. Believe it or not, when you get back you'll feel less lost than if you do nothing for three days.

Find and buy a BERP to help you out. Try Woodwind and Brasswind or your local music centre.

More practice: dhg

5-10 minutes per day, every day. The treat on Sabbath was having my wife accompany me. I might become convinced there is, in some small way, improvement. Alas, I will be out of town Tuesday through Thursday evenings, and am choosing not to pack the trombone on the plane.

freeware music notation S/W


It is Finished

The king and I is finished, I had an enjoyable time yesterday. Daniel and Family came to the performance, and in true musician fashion, he joined right in! Sounded much better on cello than I did (I am both impressed and a bit jealous)
In light of this additional time with the instrument, I got much more “practice” in than I had first thought I would.
See you all on Tuesday.


Saturday, April 24, 2004

Thank you

Corey and Christy were at Spencerville church this morning. Seeing them there really made my day. Thanks!


Quick report,

the kids are doing what I would term a very good (bordering on great) job with this musical. I was a bit skeptical, in light of past reports from Daniel, and the two rehearsals..., but everything has seemed to fall into place nicely.

Tonight and tomorrow for performances, as far as I know. Too bad I will miss the senior recital, it sounds like it would be good.

got the warm-ups and will print and try to use them.

I got about 15 min with the mouth piece on the way to work, and last night I got about 10 with the mouthpiece and receptacle (horn). Did this with the practice mute in defference to the neighbors, and this seems to cause me to play harder, probably due to a slight restriction in air flow, but not problematic.

I also get about 15 to 20 min with the set, mouthpiece and horn, during a performance, so 20 Thursday, and 20 more tonight, and twice that tomorrow.

Regarding music of any type, string, brass, recorder, I am willing to join. It is always more fun to play with others. (…plays well with others…)


Friday, April 23, 2004

Practice Report: jda

Quick update: I snuck in 10 minutes each on tuba, trombone and trumpet this afternoon.

Der Chor Frequency

Another good question:
How often would Der Chor perform per month?
The more churches we represent (i.e. we have core members from those churches) the more places we'll have an obvious reason to sing. Bluntly: I don't know. It depends on what the core members are willing and eager to do. I'd like to see the program grow large enough to handle two or more churches on the same Sabbath. As a place to start, I feel like we should aim to have 16 singers at each gig, and hope to have 32 on the roster, so not everyone is required at every opportunity.

Brass with Band May 15

Reminder: Jan Wall from Spencerville Academy has asked us to play with her band for church at Triadelphia on May 15. As I understand it, all of us are interested, but Corey anticipates dental agony over that weekend.

Weekend Plans - Ashton Family

Here's what I'm aware of, at the moment, in case anyone wants to co-ordinate with us this weekend.
  • Sabbath morning, Washington Community Brass are at Spencerville
  • Sabbath afternoon (tentative), bicycling with Sharon, possibly at Rock Creek Park
  • Sunday afternoon (tentative), 4:00 PM Sligo Atrium, Senior Recital of Dan Hall, euphonium and trombone player, musician extraordinaire, a.k.a. The Black Mozart
As I'm posting this info I'm hoping that it increases the odds of being at the same place at the same time as any of you.

Jamey, what's left for King-n-I performances?

Thanks & Another Der Chor Question

Hey Daniel, thank you so much for including the warms ups. I am bursting with emotions, like excitement, intrigue, disbelief, and terror, but it’s all good. :-)

Thank you also for the responses about Der Chor. I did need another question answered though, because I was way too slick about asking it before. (So slick it passed right on by us all. Hate it when that happens. ;-)

How often would Der Chor perform per month?

It does sound like fun. I am sad to hear about the “R” word. Not all my cup-o-tea, but I can down a pot or two for a while simply to sing again. Been missing that a bit lately.

Sorry to hear about Vicki’s laptop troubles. Hope alls well that ends, well…

Low Brass Warm-Ups


Corey, your pledge has been heard (received? read?) and witnessed. More power to you!

Male Chorus: I'm not averse to the idea, although I'm cautious, given who's choosing the repertoire. (There's that R word again.) If it's all as good as Tschesnokoff, I'm with you all the way.

Brass: One thing that would make me happier is a better fit between our players and our parts. Guys, please take some time to search for music sources and find out what we can buy that fits our five players. I'll give you two stores to start with: Robert King Music and Hickey's Music Online. If we had one more trumpet player we could get into some standard brass quintet music.

Summer Music Options

David asked earlier about people's summer plans, musically. Don't overlook Chamber Music Weekend, July 14-18.

Brass break? There are times when it seems difficult to face another rehearsal. But I'm feeling (like Corey) encouraged with where we see ourselves going. I'm not sure we're organized, yet, or that we have the right repertoire. But my feeling is that we're just getting rolling, so a break now would be detrimental.

Recorders? Given De De and Jamey's recent acquisitions, we need to pursue some basic recorder ensemble opportunities; perhaps something like the afternoon of Corey and Christy's wedding. Just get together and play and play . . . Repertoire is the tricky bit, and I'm hoping Geri proves to have a large supply.

Strings? Same thing, basically. We're short staffed, somewhat: we need another violin or viola who can manage to read music as well as Jamey can. (Kudos, Jamey: your cello playing is showing excellent progress. It's obvious that you're not having to learn music as you learn technique. Very impressive!) Repertoire is, again, a potential roadblock. I have some Haydn quartets, but not much else. Personally, I'm not crazy about music with fewer than four parts. Five is better, etc. But it's better to play a duet than to miss a chance to play chamber music!

We need more music that calls for strings and chic flutes. (Hi Jamie!)

Impromptu chamber music? Call me! My number is . . .

Practice Report: Step by step

David, it sounds like a good beginning. Be encouraged.

Wednesday night was, for me, a wash for practicing: we sat at the local CompUSA for about 2 hours waiting to get Vicki's Mac laptop swapped out.

Tonight I had a 90-minute (about) rehearsal with WCB, playing mostly tuba. I did get to play trombone on one Gabrielli: Canzon Primi Toni, or something like, I think. It was high: it started on high F and stayed there much more than I liked. I got little reaction from the guys, so I'm not sure how well I did.

Der Chor Concepts

In this post Corey asked some fundamental questions. (Great questions, Corey. Thanks for the springboard!) Here are the answers I've been contemplating, as a place to begin discussion:
What sort of music would Der Chor sing? Would it be standard fair or high church?
You can get a feel for the kind of repertoire I like by looking at what I selected for the church service last October 25. Those pages are still online here and here.

What sort of denominations of churches, if any, are in mind?
Well, it's not the denomination that's as interesting as the motivated singers. Given the people involved in this discussion today, we'd be focused on Sabbath morning SDA services. As our core choir began to have members from other denominations, if their home churches wanted the music we offered, we should be willing to sing for them.

What would the frequency of guest spots be for Der Chor?
I'm picturing a core Chor of perhaps 32 people, with hopes that about half of those people would be able to show up for any given gig. Suppose we had a chance to sing at Triadelphia. We would arrange to rehearse with interested singers at their church once or twice before that Sabbath. Because we would already know our music cold, those rehearsals would be very beneficial as we could interleave the local "guests" into our own ranks. The purpose of this choir is not to build a reputation as a solo ensemble, (oxymoron?) but to provide the foundation, the core, so that every constituent church could feel as if it had its own church choir.

What would a typical service look like that included Der Chor?
A typical service would look like any other service with a standard, in-house choir. I'd expect us to sing an introit, prayer responses, anthem and benediction, or something like that.

Would there be a collection of appropriate responses?
The SDA hymnal has a surprisingly useful collection of responses. However, additonal response collections are available on the market.

Would this be purely vocal or a musical combo?
I'm picturing this as a vocal core ensemble, actually incomplete (too small) without local singers. It might help to have a couple of organists on staff, for rehearsals and in case the local church organist was not available.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Practice Report: First steps

Progress on practice is slow but steady: two 5-minute sessions Wednesday evening and a 10-minute session Thursday morning. A significant portion of that time was spent trying the warmup exercise Daniel encouraged. Result so far: EXCELLENT pedal tones, with reduced higher range. We'll see what more practice provides.


How chic to be referred to as "spice"!

Der Chor?

What sort of music would Der Chor sing?
Would it be standard fair or high church?
What sort of denominations of churches, if any, are in mind?
What would the frequency of guest spots be for Der Chor?
What would a typical service look like that included Der Chor?
Would there be a collection of appropriate responses?
Would this be purely vocal or a musical combo?

Just thought I would throw these out for a start.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i'm in

I just scanned the rest of the blogs and i will try to read them more thourougly tomorrow.

I just wanted to participate!!!

Playing tomorrow night, both horn and cello, so that will be my 10 min for the day. Also, i have been buzzing in the car, but it is not doing enough for my endurance.


Was ist Der Chor?

Der Chor is a choir concept. Within one congregation (especially Triadelphia) we don't have enough experienced, talented, dedicated singers to maintain a church choir. This may be true in other churches as well. The idea is to pull together singers from all the local congregations, potentially even from other denominations.

Der Chor would run one or two rehearsals at each church during the week or two previous to singing there, giving the local church members a chance to join up and sing with a "big choir" in their own church. Der Chor would provide the core people, skills and knowledge of the repertoire.

I like the name because it's a play on the homonyms core and Chor (German for Choir).

What is Something Else?

I don't know yet, but I know that it calls for at least two flutes. Suggestions?

Summer Music

I concur with David’s kudos to Danny for setting up this forum. This will be great for spewing out thoughts and helping with concepts or ideas as we are rediscovering and reforming our ministry in music.

Last night’s Brass rehearsal got my heart racing as I felt that finally we were being honest with each other about where we were individually with the Triadelphia Brass and where we would like to go collectively. As I processed this with Christy, she responded to my fits of gleeful expounding with the question, “Isn’t this the same place you were with Brass when I met you?” And I have to say truthfully and surprisingly, no!

Yes, I was adjusting and feeling uneasy about where we were and where we were going / if we were going, but the feeling that I got last night was much different. There was a lot of determination and dedication emanating from all of us. I admit to being the weaker spirit in the group, and last night I have determined, and now pledge, that after I return from 3ABN I will take 30 minutes every day and hash out parts. I have tried apathy and that is pathetic. I have tried constancy and that goes no where. So, now I am going to try brute determination and resolve. We will all see how that goes.

I am looking forward to whatever happens with Brass, and though I admit that I am not having too much fun right now I pledge to do my part to make a difference on my own for the good of the group.

As for this summer David, this week Jim has coordinated having people meet who are interested in singing in a Male Chorus. I have been helping him a bit with this and am looking forward to singing in a men’s group again. I hope you guys consider coming.

Thanks again for the great talk last night.


Kudos and Question

I enjoy Daniel's philosophy of getting things done. Kudos to him for setting this up!

Since rehearsal was last night I'm as yet unable to brag about practice time, but I do have a question.

What's happening musically this summer in our community? The Baroque Consort will of course be taking a break, as it is tied to the school schedule and Geri is most likely going on furlough. How about the brass? My hope is that we don't break. Does anyone in the Baroque Consort want to get something together during the summer months? Do we need a goal for the choir this quarter? Is there a time we just want to invite our out-of-town friends and have a musical jam session?

How does it work?

I'm still trying to figure that out myself. Here's what I've picked up so far.

Each of us can write and publish entries here. Entries appear with the newest at the top. (This one is the third that I've written.) We each have the ability to go back and change what we've written after it's published.

When you get to the home page, you'll find our blog, Maryland Music, listed on the right. As soon as you click on that link you'll be looking at the form you use to write and publish.

To read what's been published, hit the View Blog button, or open a browser directly to

My suggestion: Bookmark this page. Check it every so often. Read down until you hit old material. (Look that over briefly, because it may have been edited since you last read it.) Then scroll to the bottom and click the "Powered by Blogger" link, which will bring you to the forms for logging in and adding your own commentary.

I'm still trying to figure out the RSS options. I'll post a new article when I understand more.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Initial members

What we write can be seen by anyone who visits our site, However, I've marked this as a private blog, so we won't get included in the directory and won't be considered for blog-of-the-week or whatnot. I've also marked the blog so that most search engines will ignore it.

The people I've invited at first include the members of Triadelphia Low Brass and their spice, and the adult members of Geri's Baroque Consort. Let me know as we discover other people who should be involved in this discussion.

Let's get started!

I'm starting this web-log after discussions at our Triadelphia Low Brass rehearsal this evening. We talked about our thoughts and hopes for the future, what we could become and how we would like to grow. One member challenged another to practice a certain number of minutes a certain number of days this week. Someone suggested that we should start a blog to help encourage each other. So here it is!