Friday, October 29, 2004

Brass Practice for October 31 - November 6

Hi guys,

Practice schedule discussion was incomplete for future weeks (among the difficulties prominent in my memory: Wes has meetings the second and third Mondays of each month) but for this week, with our upcoming performance for church, we agreed to meet Monday night with a good chance of also meeting Wednesday and/or later in the week.

I'm wondering, for future weeks, whether the meetings and our rehearsal could be dovetailed, with our practice session beginning an hour before the meeting, perhaps?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Personal Practice 10.29

Comment here when you've practiced, or missed practicing, Friday 10/29.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Personal Practice 10.28

Comment here when you've practiced, or missed practicing, Thursday 10/28.

Brass for church 11/6

OK folks, here's what I see us playing for church November 6. I'm putting this out here so you can discuss and consider it and offer your opinions and suggest alternate plans. Please do!
Call to Worship:Es ist genug - Bach
Offertory:Augsburg Hymn - Kugelmann
Special:Amazing Grace - Wagner
Postlude:Little Fugue - Bach

I'm assuming (could someone find out for sure?) that we won't be playing for Sabbath School.

Let me know what you think: are we up to this? Should we do less? more? other pieces?

I practiced

so i practiced for about 15 -20 minutes... went over the bach and then teh augsburg hymn. worked on some of the higher parts.

I am willing to have practice on monday nights, but extra might be nice...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

To Brass or Not To Brass

Recently there has been an overwhelming interest in whether or not I will be getting back in the saddle again. Believe me, I have been as interested as everyone else in what decision would finally rear its head.

Well, the decision is becoming obvious now that I have weighed many things and the practice day seems to be moving to a better night for me. Alright, YES, I will play with brass next Monday night. (I can't give you Wednesday as Christy and I are readying ourselves for the Southern trip.)

Of course, this is more than a little scary for me since I haven't touched a horn for several months now. Haven't even taken time to continue the polishing project. Sad.

One note of importance before we all start jumping around and whooping. Our department is gradually depleting in numbers due to people finding other employment now that we are shutting down. I fear that, if this continues, I will be albatrossed with a lot more work as we get ready for GC Session. The good side of this is that I will be able to log a great deal of overtime which will help me get my hours for retirement vesting. The bad side is that I can never tell when that is going to be.

So, for now, I am throwing my hat back in. I will let you know when, and if, that will change.

Commence jumping and whooping.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Personal Practice 10.25

OK, I did it. It wasn't long or pretty or strenuous (for me, that is: can't speak for the rest of the family) but I did have my lips on my trombone for a few minutes this evening. You practiced too? No? Leave a comment!

Rehearsals moving to Monday evening

Hello all,

This is the week in which David's class switches to Wednesday evening, such that our brass practice needs to switch to a different night. Sunday and Monday nights are options. What can we do for this week? Can we actually get ourselves together tonight?

update 9:30 PM
Given the overwhelming(ly silent) response, and our upcoming performance November 6, I think we'd best be planning to rehearse this Wednesday evening. See you then.

David, we play in two weeks. Um, is there any way you could, um . . . ?