Friday, October 15, 2004

Gone Oct. 30

Contrary to my statements on Wednesday, I'm actually scheduled to play organ for Burnt Mills on the 30th. If it matters, I'm ALSO not at Triadelphia on the 23rd.

I shouldn't be confused, since I've got a copy of the music schedule. It might be helpful to keep our upcoming schedule in the "Dates" area of the blog, for a reality check. Really, though, I'm just confused in general lately. :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Music Retreat 2005

After spending the weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, I find myself wondering if we want to try an en masse retreat next spring/summer, some sort of pre-CMW. The "cottage" we stayed in has a great room easily large enough for a string quartet. I'm making inquiries about the house on that property, which could be large enough for several families to share.

What would such a vacation be like? I can imagine string ensembles, if we bring the right people, but we may not have access to a piano. I think we could read recorder or flute ensemble music pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure whether the property is sufficiently sound-proof to politely manage brass ensembles.

What are some things we would need? Repertoire is the show-stopper we face here or anywhere, specifically having a good match between players and parts. Nice chairs and music stands would help.

What extra-curricular activities would we want to plan? I have some info on cruises, including whale-watching. There's a state park nearby perfect for Laser/Sunfish sailing, and we watched people kite-boarding. (Looks awesome!) The boardwalk and beach are a very short walk away, and it was nice to have our bikes along.

Who and what instruments (beyond the current members of this weblog team) should we try hard to include? (e.g. I'd like to make sure Jeremy is there for recorder sessions, Ellen for violin/viola, Anastasia as an additional cello)

Brass Practice tonight…

…as usual at the church. I'm still trying to find out whether we can swap with the dulcimers for 10/30.