Friday, May 14, 2004

practice time

Hello, just a quick practice report.

Monday, had about 3 minutes before i had to quit...
tuesday, had a Dr's appt, ( missed brass practice) but got some mouthpiece time in.
Wed, did about 20 min in one of the Canadian Brass books.
Thursday, did about an hour with several different pieces and from a Canadian Brass book

Each day i try to get about 5 - 10 min with the mouthpiece on the way to work.

The warmups seem to really be extending my range very quickly, i had no idea it would work so quickly!!!

Keep practicing,

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I made it!

Yes, but with big help from Vicki and Danny! Thanks!
They look over my shoulder, therefore next time more.

CM Stage concept

Great plan, it reminds me of a house that was being built next to a house i was helping to build... there was a dance floor being installed in the basement, now home theaters are the norm, but this idea is quite akin to that idea. Even a large room without special audience seating could accommodate this concept.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Chamber Music Concept

This is an idea I've been mulling over for some time, and it came back to me this morning. It seems appropriate to discuss it in this time when people are talking about buying or building houses. The idea is incomplete, as if I'm seeing only some pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps you can see other pieces. What I see is this:
Prepare a small auditorium that comfortably stages about eight string players and a concert grand, a stage smaller than Ackerman. Prepare very informal seating arrangements, perhaps in a steep amphitheatre style. Offer weekly (or nightly?) non-concerts, events to which the public is invited, (advertisements?) but it's understood that the musicians are not strictly performing. They may stop and restart a movement, for example. The audience should be comfortable bringing books or laptops or other quiet occupations, and are free to enter and exit as needed, i.e. concert protocol need not apply. In some cases the players might start with a more difficult work, and finish with something more approachable, for which more players could sit in.
I have a strong visualization of how the hall should look. I think the concept ties strongly to the Octet reading at CMW Saturday night. I think some of the motivation is that so many people seem to appreciate the music we make, and we appreciate a live audience. As word of the event got out, more players could join.

Brass rehearsal @ Müller's this week

Arrive at 7:00, begin practicing at 7:15. We're responsible for providing special music (and possibly more) at Sabbath School and church in less than two weeks.

Washington Symphonic Brass Concert May 12, 16 & 23

See this page for details. This group is definitely worth hearing. But be aware that all three concerts are in churches, and some of the music is blatantly secular.

Valor Brass Quintet Concert Tonight

Monday, May 10, 8 PM
The Lyceum - Old Town Alexandria

Valor Brass - Mike Mergen, Chris Smith - trpts.; Hillary Hart, horn; Chris Clark, trombone; Chris Tiedeman, tuba

Brass Quintet recital: music by Bozza, Plog, Ewald, Debussy, plus some other goodies....

The Lyceum is located at 201 S. Washington (GW Parkway) St. in Alexandria, a couple of blocks south of King Street on the West side of the street.