Saturday, September 04, 2004

ALL BRASS AT 11: Details Below

(Sorry for the local news joke)

All brass players are invited to play with the hymns next Sabbath, September 11, at Triadelphia SDA. The hymns will be 1, 17, 25 and TBD.

Know a brass player? Spread the word!

PS. I think I should save De De the trouble of stating that we should soon have a woodwinds-welcome Sabbath.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

TriBrass Rehearsals Move to Wednesdays

This week we agreed to move our rehearsals to Wednesday evenings, same time, same place, to accomodate David Greene's class schedule. According to current plans, this will remain for 9 weeks, then switch to Mondays for 9 weeks.

To clarify: our next rehearsal (as of the time of posting this blog entry) is Wednesday evening, September 8. Brass players, family and friends, I'll see you there!

Personal Update

As you have heard by now, I'm seeking a new project within IBM, or another place of employment. Some of the entries in my weblog talk about my job hopes, opportunities and interviews. Both my weblog and my resumé are linked from my homepage.

I've recently added to my weblog a list of other weblogs that I follow, including Corey's Life, The Universe, & Everything. See the bottom of my weblog's left-hand sidebar. If/when you have a weblog or website, let me know: I'll be there, reading what you write.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Sept 4, Sept 10, Sept 11

For September 4: Geri has asked that some string players, specifically including Beth and William, among others, provide offertory, and some players (including or not including these two) provide special music. I have a couple of numbers from the Sheila Nelson Quartet Club that could be used, or it might be better to play a hymn a couple times through.

This might also be a good time for Jamey, David and I to play a cello-cello-bass trio. We'll bring instruments to practice Tuesday evening. If anyone wants to call and invite others (Becky? Carla? Christina? others?) please do so. We've already talked with the Possingers about having Leo H. practice and play with us. Jamey fired off an e-mail to Enno, but a follow-up call may be in order.

For September 10: Don Crane asked us to play something at Elternhaus. I suggested filling the program with a very long song service, and that seemed acceptable. David, if you'd like, perhaps we could throw in Meditation or Adoration or some such.

For September 11: Ekkehardt mentioned that he's planning to have Ryan and trumpet on hand for special music, and asked if the lower brass would join in for the hymns.