Friday, May 28, 2004

Consensus Result

Thank you all so much for getting back with a decision. I will tell Xavier that we will be available on the 12th of June. Sorry that it looks like David is out, but things may work out in the end anyway. Sometimes they do that. If not we'll miss him, but it wouldn't be the first time we've been one down.

Please keep the blog posted as things develop and we'll see you Sabbath.

Can't commit

AFAIK, I need to be at Triadelphia on the 12th, so I can't do the Spanish thing.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I'm in for the 12th

Count me in.

BTW, i fowarded an email from Jan Wall to all of you, escept Wes as he got his own, regarding spencerville this Sabbath if any of you are interested.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

June 12

I can play on June 12 if you all still need me.

June 12 Response?

So, what was the decision? Are we or aren't we available for the Washington Spanish Church on June 12?

Life is going to be very complicated for me soon what with travel and such like and I need to give Xavier Covarrubias an answer so that he may tell his people. Time grows short and expectations are long over due and out of control!!!! Ahhh! Run for the hills! But first, tell me whether or not you are available on June 12. Is that clear?

We're only 5 guys, we should be able to come to some sort of consensus on this. Shouldn't we?

Monday, May 24, 2004

Practice update

OK--time to check in. Jamie and I put in 20+ minutes this evening. Friday included 30-40 minutes of trombone practice; Thursday had 5. Before that, I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't much! I've been mostly playing recorder sonatas on the trombone, since the range works out OK, if a bit low. Keep on practicing, everyone! Corey, hope you're up to it soon. It'll be good to have you back.

MacDonald Family

Hey Guys,

I was Blogging around the other day and found this Blog for Bonnie MacDonald a teen and trumpet player of/for a family of truly amazing musicians and committed Christians, so it seems from their website.They are planning a trip sometime soon for the Grand Canyon and are looking for gigs on the way. What would the consensus be of asking them to come to our church?

Just checking.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Such An Amazing Sound!!!

What a difference to experience the pure essence of a growing and maturing ensemble! I can not believe what a difference I heard this Sabbath Morning! You guys were fantastic. What a blessing to hear those hymns and spirituals being played with such spirit filled voice. I was sorry to sit this one out, but not really because I was able to really sense how far we have all been able to come with a little bit of concentrated effort.

I was telling Daniel the other Sabbath that I was so disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to continue practicing after my tooth got extracted because the last time I played I graduated into a new mouth piece bore that had been sitting waiting patiently in my case until I could loosen my lip again. It was so painful to know that I was going to have to lay down the horn for a while to allow healing, but God knew that I needed to hear the four of you play to get my juices going again. It just was one more proof as to what our gift could be if we lay more at God's feet through practice and persistance.

Now onto other things, has anybody decided whether or not they would be available to play at the Washington Spanish Church on June 12? Please let me know ASAP. Otherwise we will be looking at a date passed July somewhere.