Sunday, August 20, 2006

S. P. B. H.

Our drive to and from church takes us past a number of housing developments with buildings of significant size. Vicki and I commiserate that we would make much better use of such a house, since most of those owners are almost certainly not trying to host musical rehearsals and festivals, as we would.

This weekend a thought struck me: perhaps we can arrange a program of mutual benefit. Suppose that there existed a Society of People with Big Houses, and a collection of aspiring, dedicated string players. Perhaps we could arrange a program whereby a handful of string players, perhaps twelve or so, could meet every other weekend at another of the big houses owned by members of such a society. Said string players would then have a place to sight-read quartets and other chamber music, and homeowners would get a free afternoon of music in multiple rooms of their big house.

If you play a stringed instrument, would you be interested in spending up to 26 Sunday afternoons a year reading chamber music?

I have a feeling that this is not far from a good idea. Unfortunately, I don't know how to proceed in making the idea even better, or bringing it to fruition.