Friday, September 17, 2004

Birthday Plans

We're rapidly approaching the end of my 37th year on earth, and the 3rd anniversary of our move to Maryland, which made it possible for us to get to know you or renew our acquaintance with you, as the case may be. I'd like to celebrate with an early-evening meal together with you. The questions are where and when. (Oder wo und wann, if I remember correctly.) (No gifts needed: just come share your company with us.)

For where, I suggest Romano's Macaroni Grill in Gaithersburg. Romano's menu offers six vegetarian entrées, according to our recent count, as well as a handful of vegetarian appetizers. If we're there early enough in the evening, perhaps 5:30 or 6:00, we should be able to quickly get a table in the quieter section of the restaurant.

Regarding when, I think we must decide on what works best for the most people. My b-day is the 24th of this month, but that's Friday (a busy night for restaurants) and Corey will not be experiencing perfect dental comfort. So I think we must choose an evening a few days later.

I know that Tuesday evening is tied up for at least four of us. I would be willing to see our brass rehearsal time exchanged for this event, if people would find Wednesday to work well for the most people. Or we could look at Monday or Thursday.

So, please reply here: let me know what evening after the 24th sounds like a good fit for your plans, and also let me know whether you could be in Gaithersburg as early as 5:30 on that evening. Please remind us, too, if your birthday falls in this time period, so we'll know we're celebrating for you as well. (Jamey? Others?)