Wednesday, June 02, 2004

May Not Rent

At this time I anticipate that no rental will be involved in carpooling to Southern this weekend, in a white 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, Touring Edition.

[We'll post pix later; right now we're exhausted after a long day at the dealership.]

3ABN Picture Post

Below you will find 3 selections from the pictures that were taken by Lucy Nueworth the Costume Lady (her own designation not mine) for the 3ABN show Kid's Time. (Thank you Daniel for posting them.)

Mark Feldbush and I were able to do 9 stories for them:

Miraculous Pots & Pans - Elisha and the Widow with the Jars
King Jehosaphat – Returning from victory in Battle as the Lord had the musicians lead the army
Ceiling Tiles – Jesus healing the paralized man
A Baker’s Role – 2 stories, feeding of the five and four thousand
Road to Emmaus – Story of Passion Week
The Rich Young Ruler – (Wouldn't explaining this story be redundant?)
Paleg's Pitas - Tower of Babel
Noah's Sons – (Again redundant, no?)

This top picture is Uncle Japheth (me) & Uncle Shem (Mark) waiting to tell the story of the Ark. In between us is Noah, a restless and outspoken child who was a great deal of fun working with :-) Yes, his name really was Noah and the producers had us add it in. One of many add ins I'm afraid. :-} Sorry, I should really keep on the sunny side. :-) :-) :-)

The bottom picture is us waiting for the "action" signal for Ceiling Tiles.

The middle picture is Mark waiting for me to change for the Ceiling Tiles sketch.

I'll keep you posted as to when air dates will be.

Thank you for all of the support as I went into this. We needed all of the strength we could get.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Corey Pix

Bounced E-Mail Update

As mentioned in this post, some people would receive a rejected e-mail after they posted to this weblog. As it turns out, one of my upstream providers was doing spam filtering, and decided to reject any e-mails from the following domains unless delivered by a machine actually in that domain.


Because the messages were being sent from instead of from your actual e-mail server, they were being rejected.

I've asked to have added to the whitelist, and it appears that this has solved the problem. If you get a bounced e-mail when you post here, please tell me.

Washington Spanish Church Info

Washington Spanish Church on June 12, 2004:

We are scheduled to perform for Sabbath School Special Music, Church Offertory, and Church Special Music.

The Church is located off of New Hampshire Avenue just North of the Rt. 29 intersection.

The address is:

Washington Spanish SDA Church
12604 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Send Off Party Thanks

It is good to see that there will be a good representation to support Stan & Gen as they start out. Stan says that he will be sending a schedule later on this week of events and such. I will let you know as things progress.

By the way, Stan was able to take off Monday of this week so that he could be there to help Gen out with the last minute organization. He told Christy and I when he phoned Monday before he left that he was so thankful to have had the Saturday night get together. Also, when I saw him Sunday, he was bragging to Mom and Dad about his new gadget watch. Thanks again to all those who helped make the gift and party arrangements. It was very much appreciated.

I will be writing more here in a bit regarding the Washington Spanish Church info. Please stay tuned. ;-)

Stan/Gen Wedding: What Hertz Would Cost

It looks like Hertz will charge us 29¢/mile, or about $320 more than quoted here, making a total of around $600 + gasoline. Divided amongst seven (?) people, it's about $85/person + gas. Is this worthwhile? Does anyone have a seven or eight passenger vehicle we could borrow for less?

Selected Vehicle:
Mini-Van, Auto Trans-Air Con
Ford Freestar or Similar
$84.99 USD Weekend day
Base Amount:
Weekend day: 3 at $84.99 USD
(MI = Miles KM = Kilometers)
Total Approx. Charges:$286.16
Additional Items (included in Approximate Total Charges)
Tax:11.50 %
Vehicle licensing fee:$1.68 USD

Optional Items (not included in quote)
Rates for Optional Items are exclusive of tax and other associated charges
Rates above are guaranteed in US DOLLARS

Rehearsal Tonight…

…at the church, call time 6:45. We're practicing to play at the Spanish church.

Corey, could you confirm what slots we'll need to fill? We also need directions.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Wedding travel

I'd like to carpool, if it works out. Return time has some wiggle room, though I should show up at work by Monday afternoon if possible.

Chamber Music Weekend

Please notice that the $15 discount goes away at the end of June 1. (Assuming that I'm awake and make the change. <wink>)

Also, Geri is going, and is looking for a ride. If you're driving down Tuesday July 13 or Wednesday July 14, please post here so we can get things worked out.

Travel to C'dale this weekend

We need to clarify plans for traveling to Collegedale for Stan and Gen's nuptials. Here's one way things could work out for the Ashton family:

  • Drive to Collegedale Friday night/Sabbath, leaving sometime late Friday afternoon or evening, trying to arrive before 6:00 PM.
  • Drive back Sunday night, leaving shortly after the wedding, trying to arrive before the workday begins.

We're pretty flexible with the scheduling. It's not inconceivable that I could take a vacation day Friday or Monday if needs be.

We've talked about renting a larger vehicle so that we can carpool with more people in either or both directions. David? Jamey? D2? Others?

Post responses here and tell what schedule or plan works best for you.