Thursday, July 01, 2004

A Sabbath Proposal (aka Chamber Music revisited)

Come one, come all; join at any time

  • Church at Triadelphia; highlights include specials by Daniel Ashton
  • Potluck picnic at the capitol; suggestions on location include the reflecting pool, Roosevelt memorial, Capitol building steps…
  • Afternoon visit to various Smithsonian areas.
  • Supper at the Ashtons (ask them how you might contribute)
  • Chamber music following supper, including the ever-popular Trout
Suggested lunch menu:
  • Strawberry shortcake - Greenes
  • Sandwiches - each bring enough to share
  • Chips - each bring enough to share
  • Fruit and other picnic-friendly items - welcome
  • Water - each to his own

Special guest: Sherilyn Johnson, my mother

[Daniel adds the following:]

Supper is likely to be Pakistani Curry. If, for any reason, this would discourage you from joining us, please speak up quickly! We would far rather enjoy your company.

Please bring your parts for the Hummel Septet, as I want to have them in hand before leaving for CMW. I believe that means flute and horn parts from the Maydens, and piano and viola parts from the Greenes.

Dooley is welcome.

Also, I really enjoyed the recorder trios, etc. that we played last time. I hope we get to do more music like that.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thanks To All Patient Well Wishers

What a wonderful group of well wishers came to welcome in another year of Christy's lifetime.

Thank you all so much and I hope that we can do this again soon. Well, the good bits. (I'll let you sort out for yourselves which bits those were.)

Christy was still beaming when we got home and then crashed pretty hard. Neither one of us was enthusiastic about rousing this morning, but life goes on. This is a good thing with friends like you around.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Chamber Music Sabbath Afternoon

Anyone interested? We can go through the Trout again, as well as Eine Kleine and whatever else we have on hand. Recorders too, if you want.

Also, please think of who else we can invite ahead of time.

Cheesecake Factory Update

Further updates –

I just got off of the phone with Kevin, the Manager of the Cheesecake Factory Baltimore, and he confirmed that they only take reservations for the first seating of the day. So, we are going to have a bit of a wait when we get there tonight.

I asked him how much of a wait to expect and he said around the hour of 7 pm a wait of 70-90 min is customary.

Nonetheless, Christy and I will be arriving around 6:30 or so and we will put in the reservation and we’ll see how long it takes.

If anybody can get there sooner, all the better.

From what I gather it will be 8 of us. Is this right?

See you later.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Christy's Cheesecake Challenge

Alrighty then, I guess comments have been long awaited. So, let me see if I can rectify some things here.

First, I called again just now regarding reservations for tomorrow night. I had been told when I first called that if we had a group of 7+ we could make reservations in advance. As of today's call, that appears to not be the case. Apparently, there are reservations taken from 11-11:30 am but after that it is a free for all. So, I am working on a plan "B" so that we don't have to stay there all night waiting on a table. Right now, this consists of Christy and me scuttling up there in advance and holding down the fort while others arrive in due course. This may be the safest option considering Christy has a flexible schedule and I work closest to the ultimate destination.

As for the location, the Cheesecake Factory at Baltimore's Inner Harbor is located on Pratt St. The address is:

201 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 234-3990

Valet parking is available directly in front of the restaurant. Parking meters, garages and metered lots are located within easy walking distance of The Cheesecake Factory. Look for signs along East Pratt Street.

As for directions . . .

Merge onto I-95 N toward BALTIMORE.

Merge onto I-395 N via exit number 53 toward DOWNTOWN. 1.5 miles

Take the CONWAY ST exit. 0.1 miles

Stay straight to go onto W CONWAY ST. 0.2 miles

Turn LEFT onto MD-2 N/LIGHT ST. 0.1 miles

Go STRAIGHT. 0.1 miles


The Cheesecake Factory is located right on the Inner Harbor and directly in line with Barnes & Noble. So if you are needing some excitement afterward, there are options available.

As for time, let us shoot for regular Brass Time, 7:00 pm and see how that goes.

All are welcome and we will be happy to see, and less likely to pay for, all of you.

Looking forward to it. Christy is getting used to this idea of celebrating in a big group, so go easy on her. She'll warm up to it, no doubt.


I have been given to understand that this Tuesday evening will witness a celebration of life's annuality on behalf of the young Mrs. Corey Cottrell. Therefore, I recommend that we forego our usual musical exertions in favor of camaraderie and the eating of cheesecake. Details, Mr. Cottrell, we need details!