Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Misc Weblog Fundamentals

Bounced e-mails: Corey mentioned that he gets an e-mail bounce message whenever he posts something to the weblog. (This may be new since Blogger updated their software.) If you're getting bounce messages when you post, please forward a copy to me and forward another copy to Blogger support.

Picture in your profile: If you want to display a picture in your profile, that picture needs a home on the web. I'm happy to host your picture. E-mail the picture to me, and I'll send back the URL you need to add to your profile.

RSS: RSS feeds are available for this weblog. If your reader can understand Atom XML, use Otherwise use Someday I'll get around to modifying the template with the appropriate little XML buttons.

RSS Readers: You've got a ton of options. For Mac OS X, try NetNewsWire. For a web-based reader, try Bloglines. (That's what I'm using for now.)

Spanish Church Date Possible

Xavier Covarrubias just spoke to me again regarding the date the Washington Spanish Church would be interested in us coming. The date in question is June 12. Are we up to the task or are there too many irons in the fiery furnaces that engulf our lives?

Candy for the ears

I was thinking how fun it would be to have a candle light concert at our church in the fall or winter. I was thinking about focusing on a Baroque style, perhaps. We could announce it on WBJC! Or not. I don't know the rules regarding such activity in our church either. But I thought it would be a cool thing to do. An Episcopal church near us has frequent evening concerts. I think we should think about it at the very least. :)

Monday, May 17, 2004

TriLowBrass Rehearsal at the Church 5-18-04

Hi everyone,

Let's plan for rehearsal at Triadelphia SDA this week. Arrive at 6:45, set up, warm up, start practicing at 7:00. Corey is very probably not playing with us this coming Sabbath, so I'll bring my tuba. We can do most of the hymn arrangements with only four players.

And everyone lift up a brief prayer for Corey's swift recovery: it's no fun to have teeth pulled.

performance oportunity

Hello, we have an oportunity to play at the Elternhaus on the 18th of June. (hope I am not stepping on your toes Daniel!)

Any takers?