Friday, November 19, 2004

Hymns for November 20

This being the third Sabbath of the month, the brass are expected (as I understand it) to play with the hymns. I obtained this morning the list of hymns, and here they are:
  • 86 - How Great Thou Art
  • 616 - Soldiers of Christ Arise.
  • 615 - Rise Up, O Church of God
  • 377 - Go Forth, Go Forth With Christ
See you there!

Oops! My bad…

I have received further information about the December 4 concert I mentioned in this earlier posting. I have been made to understand that the ensemble I envisioned would not fit well into the organizer's plans for this event. Mea culpa. Please accept my apologies. I look forward to playing Corelli and much more with you at some future date. And enjoy a free evening.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Calling All String Players

If you're a Maryland-area string player and reading this, please either leave a comment on this posting or send me an e-mail.

We have two opportunities to do "a little something" together. Here's what we have:
  1. A family at our church owns a collection of violins. They would like to present a vespers recital in which many different violinists play solos and ensembles using the violins in this collection. I have access to pieces like Eine Kleine, the Pachelbel Canon, the Corelli Christmas Concerto, and the Brook Green Suite. Please let me know whether or not you would be willing to help with an event like this, playing a solo and/or being part of an ensemble. We need violas, cellos and basses for the ensemble numbers, too. If you're willing to play, when? The family was hoping for a Friday or Sabbath evening in November, but I realize that we will have difficulty pulling this off in two weeks. Could you do November? Or perhaps January or February?
  2. A concert is being planned for December 4, at Triadelphia SDA, at 7 in the evening. Would you like to throw together the Corelli Christmas Concerto for that event? Plans change: see this posting for a little more info.
Please let me know if you're interested. If it's out of the question, at least let me know that you read this posting.


Practice update

It's been a sparse week for me and brass practice, but I got in about an hour of tuba today, and a few minutes trombone. AND, I broke loose my trombone tuning slide, and greased it properly.

How about you?

My brass practice time I spent playing with the Canadian Brass Advanced Quintets book and CD. This makes for an intense work-out for my lip, as there are no significant breaks between pieces. I highly recommend this as a fall-back activity, for those days when you can't get yourself to drag out the music we're learning. Just three or four pieces with this CD, daily, would make a huge difference in your endurance and tone. Try it!