Saturday, May 08, 2004

Bad habit, additiction, good habit?

I guess it depends upon how the individual that used the word defines/views it, I am guessing that based upon your post that the implication was that this is a bad habit. I would say a habit is bad if it turns into an addiction, i.e., devoting or surrendering oneself to something habitually or obsessively to the exclusion of others or all else (this is the way I would view it). I will say creating a "good habit" can be very helpful -- in my case, it was starting an exercise program (running) that I started 6 years ago and subsequently lost 20 pounds and got in shape (decreased my cholesterol level, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.). Getting up the fortitude to go out and run at least three times a week was very difficult at first, however, after forcing myself to do this for several months, I suddenly realized that it had become a "habit" and now I don't feel right if I go two or more days without running. Is this a "bad habit” or addiction? I think not, since this benefits me in a good way and I would not do this to the exclusion or detriment of others. The question I ask myself "is what I do a detriment to God, others, or myself"? If the answer were yes to any one of these, I would need to seriously consider what I am doing.

Friday, May 07, 2004

A What!?!

In recent conversation someone (not one of our team) referred to my musical interests as a habit to be supported, i.e. an addiction as to drugs. The point being made was that Vicki deserves applause, kudos, mad props, etc. for putting up with all that I'm involved in. And that point was spot-on.

But I've been trying to shake the analogy, and it hasn't been easy. Is music an addiction for me? Do I selfishly pursue it? If so, should I go into rehab? Quit cold turkey?

These are certainly different terms than I normally use to describe the activities that keep me busy and happy.

I write in the first person, but I suppose these questions could be asked by any of us. Are we developing and using God's gifts according to His will? Can we exploit this gift of music more effectively? When does it become selfish? or a habit? or an addiction?

Chamber Music Sabbath Afternoon

Sounds like it's coming together. I'd like to hear from the Greenes, esp. re: Mrs. Greene's friends. But I think we'll have the parts covered even without the extra cello and bass, as long as oboe-stephanie is on hand.

Recorders would be a lot of fun, but we'll need to be sure that Geri is present and brings a wad of music with her. Anyone with a telephone want to work on this?

CMWs: I'm not ready to make these happen yet. These events take a huge effort, and with my networking track record, I'm in doubt about getting enough good players together here to make it work. And I'm not crazy about the facilities at CUC. I need to hear more from this community: more ideas, more people, etc.

Soldering: I think it should be do-able. The trick would be to fill the lead pipe with something to keep the solder from collecting inside: perhaps cork, or tape, or something else. It might be valuable to visit a repair shop and ask how they do it. Be sure to ask about the solder/lacquer interaction. I'm wondering how a hole like that is formed anyway.

Networking: Keep your heart open to opportunities to recruit players into our ensembles. We don't need to drag in unwilling parties, or coerce anyone, but when you find someone like Wes (kudos, Wes) who will show up on a regular basis and put some effort and outside practice into it, listen for the Spirit's guidance.

A+ Tuba

Hey, if it floats your boat, go for it! As far as getting your hands on one, Zephyr Brass in Atlanta has/had a used one they may be/have been willing to sell for around $2K, and when I was in Atlanta it was in good condition. Recommended. The new model I had my heart set on is the Miraphone 181 Series F Tuba 1816VGB - 6 Valves, Gold Brass.

F Tuba?

for some strange reason, i am feeling the need to play a small Tuba!?????


BTW planning to bring my bass to church for dulcimer play..., as well as the horn and cello (celli) for afternoon play. How about recorders?

De De is calling oboe-stephanie to invite her.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Tubists, Rejoice!

International Tuba Day

Solder Solution

Jamey, I really appreciate the offer to fix my pipe. That is so kind! I can't do it tonight because Christy and I have a few errands to run. I do wonder about what the solder is going to do when affixing to the lacquer and whether or not it will drip inside the hole or widen the hole. This is not to call into question your soldering abilities, I am simply raising possible difficulties that we should think about before attempting surgery on this horn. Tape may be unsightly, but it doesn't have permanent effects on the horn's performance. Just thinking out loud.

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this before we put the Tuba under the iron?

On other fronts, I second Jamey's cheers regarding the calendar!

Cool calendar


Great to hear that Corey had a mini practice with a visitor! how cool!

If you want, i can try to help you solder up any holes and try to make the scrap metal less scrappy I have a small solder iron here and a large solder machine in Hagerstown. I am free tonight!

Daniel, keep us posted in and CMW weekends that would be here locally.
I am really excited about that prospect.

RE music this Sabbath, i will let De De know to invite Steph with the oboe.


Call & Response

Hey Daniel, thank you for the response to my musing epistle.

• sounds like your trip was a success. Congrats!

Thank you. Mark and I had a good time and from what we saw after the shoot in the director’s booth it looked good. We had certain creative differences with the producers, but the Lord has a wonderful way of taking the best from everything and working for the greater good. I have great faith that He will take our small offerings and reap great things.

• Be sure to let us know when you get air-dates for your work.

I will keep everyone posted. Just don’t expect to hear anything until the fall (August or September).

• Do you anticipate more work like this in the future?

Funny you should ask. Someone was just here who wanted me to do some of these stories for the Beltsville SDA Church Destination Sabbath School (Specifically the feeding of the 5K, which I didn’t even tell him I had just written for this shoot). It is amazing how God works!

• How has it been practicing at the warehouse?

It is working out very well. In fact, last night the South-Eastern CA Conference driver Eric Reid was here and he happened to see my cases in the Locker Room. So, he comes into my office and asks who the owner of the Baritone case was. I told him it was mine and that I also owned the piece of scrap metal disguised in the very attractive gig bag. He was so excited to find another low brass player. “I majored in Euphonium Performance in College!” he exclaimed. So, of course, we spent the next hour and a half playing various Tuba Christmas tunes together. He tried out the scrap metal and I blew Baritone. It was wild. Eric was also able to locate a leak in the lead pipe on my tuba that we “fixed” with some electrical tape, and it made a world of difference. All of a sudden the horn was getting solid pedals and the intonation was much more pure. Amazing. I was so glad for committing to practice time. It was truly a miracle in music.

• We'll need to choose dates to offer to the Spanish church. Suggestions, anyone?

Any time after July is good for me.

• July 17 is in the middle of CMW in Collegedale, but we may be willing to try Linthicum on a different weekend.

I am sort of tied into this date. This date was set a few months back and to now say, “Can we move it so that it is more accommodating” might seem strange. But, the Church is always looking for music so I can mention to their music coordinator, Mary Brown, that we are interested in scheduling a weekend with them and she would be delighted.

• I've sent an invitation to both of Paul's addresses.

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Piano Quintet & Septet this Sabbath

Here are the parts to cover. Can we all get together this Sabbath afternoon? Yes, D2, please call Stephane. Jamie, can your friends join us then? (How was your final exam?)

What time? Where? I'm thinking two o'clock-ish in the sanctuary at Triadelphia SDA. What do you think?


Hey Corey, it sounds like your trip was a success. Congrats! Be sure to let us know when you get air-dates for your work. Do you anticipate more work like this in the future?

How has it been practicing at the warehouse?

We'll need to choose dates to offer to the Spanish church. Suggestions, anyone?

July 17 is in the middle of CMW in Collegedale, but we may be willing to try Linthicum on a different weekend.

I've sent an invitation to both of Paul's addresses.

SAA Band Helpers

I've reported to Jan Wall that we'll be helping her band as follows:

May 15    May 29
  • David—trombone
  • Wes—euphonium
  • Daniel—tuba
  • Jamey—french horn
  • Wes—euphonium
  • Corey—tuba
  • Daniel—maybe

Let me know if plans change.

More CMW's

Jamey suggested in this post that we should have another CMW here in the Maryland area, and it's not the first time I've heard the suggestion. I've also heard suggestions for brass weekends, woodwind weekends, and voice weekends.

How can we gauge the level of enthusiasm for these ideas? When will we know it's reached critical mass? I think there's a lot of merit to each idea. Jeremy is aware of the concept, and supportive.

freeware music typesetting S/W

Group practice

I think that our individual practice efforts are paying off. I am really encouraged!

Lets keep it up!


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Brass Practice tonight @ Müller's

As David and I are both practicing at Geri's home this evening, let's plan to meet there with all brass players. Arrive at 7:00, begin practicing at 7:15.

We have opportunity to play 2 - 5 numbers on May 22 at Triadelphia, so we need to figure out what we're doing. We can also run through the SAA band music for May 15.

A moment from D2

I'm with Jamie. 'Tis the season for finals and papers! But Friday night and/or Sabbath works for me.
Jamie, good luck on your final on Wednesday!

I have "Stephane with the Oboe" 's number if we're going to try the Hummel and want an additional player. No pressure, just a thought.

De De

Monday, May 03, 2004


Saturday afternoon is about the only time I can make it...At least for this week!!!

trout music

Wed or Friday could work for me. where and when, may decide. I am in McLean this week, so days start earlier...

i will check with De De for the septet, i think she is pretty busy with school, but friday may work.


Calling all Trout

This sounds great! Two more low strings. OK, I'm open tonight (Monday), Wednesday or even Friday night. Or we could try for Sabbath afternoon. (I think.) With two more players we could even take a whack at the Hummel Septet. We need the Greenes, the Maydens, the Ashtons and Jamie's friends. And anyone else who's interested. (I'll post instrumentation below.) Which evening or afternoon works for you?

Trout Piano Quintet  Hummel Piano Septet
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • 'Cello
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • French Horn
  • Viola
  • 'Cello
  • Bass
  • Piano

Safe Return & New Possibilities

Remarkably, I am back from my eventful and otherwise LONG trip. When I got back Friday we figured up that I had been on the road from TUE – FRI between 6.5 & 7 hours each day. (*Big Sigh*). I am so glad that everything with that trip is finally done. Mark Feldbush and I had a great time and were able to shoot 9 Bible stories for 3ABN’s show Kid’s Time. They should be airing sometime around August. They said that they will send us the dates for sure when the shows are in the can.

I didn’t take either of my mouthpieces along, but I am keeping my commitment and have brought my Tuba to work in order to practice for a half hour tonight before I head home. (I too am thinking of my neighbors. Less concerned about my coworkers. We make enough noise during the course of our normal day, so what's a bit of brass noise at the end of the day?)

In other news, I was approached today by Xavier Covarrubias of the Washington Spanish SDA Church (off of New Hampshire Ave. just north of 29) who would like us to come sometime and do music for SS & Church. The date he gave me was May 29, but I checked the blog and told him that Spencerville had already asked us for that day. (Should be fine for me BTW.) So, he will wait for us to give him other possible dates.

Another date for consideration is July 17. I have been asked to provide music at the Linthicum SDA Church (just off of W. Nursery Road on Andover Rd.) and it would be great if we could do the SS & Church thing there. They also have a Family Praise Song Service which is basically a regular Song Service but geared to include both kids and parents. So, I usually bring my guitar and banjo and pick good old hymns and tunes. It would be great to have some other help on that Sabbath too. Please….

One more thing, could we send an invitation to Paul Schilling for this Blog? I think he might enjoy it, and he might try to come down more often if he started feeling like an extension of our Triadelphia Brass. Wouldn’t he be such a great asset to have now and again?

Looking forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow. BTW where will rehearsal be this week?

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Speaking of fish, when are we going to practice the Trout again? I have two friends who would like to double up on the bass and the cello parts and play to have fun.