Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tonight & Other Topics of Interest

Yes, it is true. We are back from the West Coast, although our bodies are still adjusting to the time change. Granted it was only a few days, but still our bodies seem to adjust more quickly East to West than the other way round. (It also helped us that we stayed up for nearly 24 hours on Thursday while traveling over. We were good and tired by the time we crashed, so sleeping in that extra three hours was a necessity. Good plan.)

Anyhow, are we Brassing tonight?

I have heard rumors that some of us are away, so it would seem “no” would be the answer.

Admittedly, I can’t play for another week anyway, if I am correctly following doctor’s orders. I hate oral surgery! I haven’t been able to play, or even take the horn out for a couple of weeks now!!! Oi!

So, I guess unless otherwise noted we are off this week.

Let me be the first to say, I miss playing with you guys. And, as it turns out, I may miss playing with you even more as of September, 2005. (This is other news that was discovered while we were in Washington.)

Our Transportation staff was asked in by the Treasury Department last Thursday for lunch, and after the meal our department was subsequently let go as of September, 2005. So, after the next Session I will be consequently unemployed.

Normally this would be bad news, but not in this case.

When we landed in Washington, Christy was hit hard with the home sick blues. She asked me what we should do, and we both left it in the Lord’s hands. Shortly thereafter I received a call, from our Assistant Manager with the news about our department being cut. All of a sudden there was a world of possibilities.

We were already looking at taking off for Washington State that fall, but now it seems the Lord has opened wide that particular door and all we have to do is step through it. (This may be slightly more complicated than it sounds, but we’ll see. God has taken care of us so far, so we are trusting in Him to make the arrangements as smooth as possible.)

Christy and I will try to keep you all posted as things progress, but for now I will continue to polish the horn and practice as I can. Looking forward to the next session.