Friday, January 28, 2005

Brass Music Request

The other night I received a call from Mark in OH who told me that he and a group of brass players from his church were now starting up a brass ensemble. I am not sure, now that I am writing this, the breakdown of parts. Nonetheless, many of from the ensemble are dusting off their horns after not playing since high school and they have been discussing what brass music would provide a good starting point.

So, I am sending this blanket blog out to ask the following:

What music would be good to start a brass group off on with limited budget?

Is there a brass series (outside of Canadian Brass) that would lend itself to various intermediate level players?

What music companies are there who cater most to brass music that they could request a catalog? (I mentioned Pepper Music to Mark all ready [http//] but it is worth mentioning again.)

If there is anything else here that I am missing to spring board a brass group, please insert the comments here and I will send him this link.

Thank you in advance for the combined fountain of information.