Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Linthicum Case Facts

Yesterday I took the opportunity to scout out more information about the Linthicum service on March 5, 2005.

The facts of the case are these:

No, there is not a Net Evangelism broadcast that day.

Yes, we are scheduled for Family Praise Time for Sabbath School (9:15-9:30am).

Yes, there is a Special Music slot for Sabbath School and Church.

Yes, there is a pianist scheduled and that is Keith Potts.

Yes, I have spoken with him. He would love to have the music that we will be playing so that he can possibly join us (he plays Trumpet, but admits that it is very dusty [I also asked if his brother David, trombone, would be available and he said he would ask]).

Keith told me that he usually plays a medley of hymns for the prelude and wouldn’t mind if there was a brass prelude. I simply need to stay in contact with him so that he knows what we would be responsible for and what we would need him to fill.

Open discussion on music possibilities.